Here’s how to make Google Chrome use less battery on your laptop

My love for Google Chrome, as much as my hate for it, fluctuates regularly. Although it is a great browser, it consumes quite a bit of power and can satisfy even the most powerful systems on its knees.

To mitigate the problem, I recently discovered the Auto Tab Discard extension. The latter significantly reduces the amount of system resources consumed by the Google Chrome browser. By the way, it is also present on Firefox. This extension made Chrome supportable on my systems. It’s a good plugin, and I highly recommend trying it.

Google Chrome is the Internet browser developed by Google, based on the Open Source Chromium project, the browser is fast and allows you to open as many pages as you want thanks to the tabbed management.

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But there’s another problem with Chrome that’s hard to manage: battery consumption.

Which app consumes the most energy

If you are using a desktop computer, there is no need to worry. It is also not a problem if your laptop is permanently connected to the mains.

But if you regularly use your laptop on battery power, Chrome is a heavy drain, and drastically reduces the time your device runs on battery power.

I’m using a MacBook Pro, and Chrome is still the most power consuming app. True, the problem is less significant with the new MacBook Pro M1, because it has excellent battery life. However, when I look at the power consumption of my apps, go to the Activity Monitor, and then look at the “Energy Impact” and “12 Hours of Power” the Google browser comes out on top. So it is not your best ally if you want to have the best independence possible.

browser change

What are your options?

To start, your best option is not to use Chrome, and prefer the browser provided with your operating system: Edge for Windows, and Safari for macOS. This is what provides the best management of system resources and battery life, in all the tests I’ve done.

However, many users still refuse to use Edge or Safari. Hence the popularity of Google Chrome.

Energy saving

So, are there other options?

Yes there. I have tried a lot. Among them is the installation of the Auto Tab Discard extension. The latter makes a difference, true, but the improvement remains modest at best.

Auto Tab Discard is a free extension for Google Chrome that can reduce browser power consumption and thus save battery power for your laptop.

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So which solution works best?

Close your browser when you are not using it. Yes, you read that right: Close Google Chrome.

It may seem obvious, but most users don’t. We tend to allow apps to run constantly in the background and then complain about consuming system and battery resources. While in reality, that was enough to turn them off.

So yes, restarting the browser will take longer, so if you have a lot of tabs. But the browser will not consume battery power while it is closed: it only consumes power when it is turned on. So turn off Chrome when you want to get the most out of your laptop, whether you’re using Windows or macOS.


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