French Cup Final: Bourg and Basket Landis meet on Saturday afternoon

we’ll meet Again. After the double confrontation in the Women’s League, and the double confrontation in the European Cup quarter-finals, Bourget and Basket Lands will face, this afternoon in the capital, for the fifth time this season. Therefore, to say that the two teams know each other from the inside out, is not an exaggeration. “Yes, I think both teams know what to expect,” said Olivier Lafarge, coach of Berriyer. “But the strength of our group is that we have a lot of resources and keys in our toolkit. So we will continue to try to surprise them,” continues Laetitia Gabo.

excellent Elodie Godin, Madame Coupe de France

More than two weeks after winning the Eurocoupe, Bourget Baskett is heading towards Paris-Percy with the ambition of achieving a second goal this season. “We want that second title, and we’re going to do everything we can to get there,” said Laëtitia Guapo who is “looking forward to discovering Bercy.”

“We shall arrive, perhaps, with less rhythm, but with more freshness”

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Since the victorious continental final against Venice, TBB has had to heal the wounds, while going to take a 17th league win at Charnay despite a shrinking workforce amputated by Elaine Eldebrink, Elodie Godin and Keisha Hampton. These three players will be back today. “We are expecting a tough match, we will need everyone to win this final,” said captain Elodie Godin. After yesterday’s knee surgery, it’s clear Alex Duchette won’t be on the ground, quite like the Indy Meem, but on the way back — “the news is fairly reassuring,” according to Olivier Lafarge — and Isabelle Jacob, who “takes little by little to the rhythm.” “.

Back in pictures on Tango’s coronation at the Eurocoupe

“There were a lot of small sores, even big ones at the time of the fourth final of the Eurocoupe, said the Berrichon coach. Of course the players decided to play in spite of everything and we are happy with that. But then there was a period when we had to treat the bodies because we left a lot of chewing gum. So we know we will arrive, perhaps, with a decrease of rhythm, but with more freshness.”

Above all, Borg has girls in its workforce full of experience, who know how to handle this type of meeting. The most successful club in the competition (winning 11 titles from Joë-Jaunay in 16 competing finals), TBB will face a Landes formation held by an entire people (one thousand Mont-de-Marsan fans) whose team will play. The first French Cup final. But if the current French champion has a clean slate in this competition, he also has elements in his ranks who have already lifted this trophy: Celine Domirk (five times with TBB), Valerian Vukosavljevic (twice with Lattes/Montpellier, once with Bourget. ), Mariana Tolo ( With Tango) or even Lidija Turcinovic (with BLMA, accompanied by Kristen Mann in 2013).

In short, this poster is hesitant and can be played for almost nothing. “Between two great teams who play well in basketball, we have to put aside the little details that can make the difference, Olivier Lafarge points out. But the first thing is to focus on us, to see the things we do well. We will not deny ourselves and play differently than we are. We usually do.” In other words? “We know that when we are aggressive, when we run, when we play our game and we are respected without looking too much at the opponent, we are more effective,” says Laetitia Gabo. Julie Barnes and the Basket Lands staff won’t be surprised. Because in addition to facing each other for the fifth time this season, it’s Bourges Basket’s 2021-2022 DNA that could take another step toward a hat-trick that TBB hasn’t achieved before.

Nicholas Werkin

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