Basketball: “Neuchatel-Nyon, the most frequent quarter-finalist”


The Swiss Basketball League play-off matches begin on Saturday. As a good watcher of the tournament, Pully Lausanne’s coach Randwald Desarzen gives his perspective on the four series.

It won’t be easy for Union Neuchâtel from Brian Cologne to take on Neon in the first round of qualifying.

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Freiburg (1) – Munthe (8)

“In my opinion, it wouldn’t be too much of a thrill. Freiburg has proven its dominance and has managed perfectly the important encounters during the regular season. Every player understands his role, they have sowed victory and serenity for great teams. Munthe, always a little bit of a struggle. The team has never been able to find Speed ​​carburetion Injuries, poor performance too soon and changes within the workforce have raised suspicion and prevented the establishment of chemistry. The decision will be made on defense. Friborg works a lot in the half, with a quiet defense, and I think the only way to upset her is to force a transitional game on her. Monthey has the athletic means to get there, but it will be subject to rebound control as well as defensive stops.

Randwald Desarzen’s prediction: Freiburg qualified in three matches (3-0).

Match 1 is on Saturday in Friborg (5:30 pm).

Match 2 Tuesday in Friborg (7:30 pm).

The third game is on Saturday 30th April in Monthie (5.30pm).

Possible Match 4 on Tuesday, May 3rd at Monthie (7:30 p.m.).

Possible Match 5 on Thursday 5 May in Friborg (7:30pm).

Freiburg: 27 wins, 1 loss.

Monthy: 9 wins and 18 losses.

Massagno (2nd) – Star Wings (7th)

“Massagno has the best team in the tournament, for me there is no doubt about it. I prefer the Friborg way of working but in terms of intrinsic talent, Masagno has the best team. After that, its success depends on the goodwill of some. We are in basketball that highlights The characters are much more. On the part of the Starwings, they are less talented and the rotation is more restricted, but they work, they are overworked. The players, like last year, have confidence in themselves. The coach’s work (Editor’s note: Dragan Andreevich) Flawless. I think they can grab a match at home. I don’t think they can repeat the same cycle as last season (Editor’s note: Unhappy final against Friborg) because they are expected now, and I don’t expect Masagno to run the quarter-finals poorly. For a chance, the Starwings will have to stop the Massagno people.

Randwald Desarzen’s prediction: Masagno qualified in four matches (3-1).

Match 1 is on Saturday in Massagno (5:30 p.m.).

Match 2 Tuesday in Massagno (7:30 pm).

Match 3 on Sunday 1 May in Biersfelden (4pm).

Possible Match 4 on Tuesday 3 May in Biersfelden (7:30pm).

Possible Match 5 on Thursday, May 5 in Massagno (7:30pm).

Massagno: 22 wins, 5 losses.

Star Wings: 9 wins and 18 losses.

Neuchâtel (third) – Nyon (sixth)

“He is the most undecided player yet. The two teams met last Sunday, in the last game of the regular season, and Neuchâtel won by one point (Editor’s note: 73-72). announces the color. Al Ittihad is considered more experienced in the playoffs but still dwindles compared to previous years. I also think that Nyon will be fueled by rather poor negotiation in the Swiss Cup final against Friborg (Editor’s note: 48-73 defeat on April 9). Voodoo has a chance to play. After the recent signing of Serbian hub Dragan Tupac, they have an inside presence that is hard to defend.

During the regular season, both teams sought to create a definitive roster. In Neuchâtel, President Andrea Severo cut back on sailing considerably last summer, making space for outstanding youngsters such as Slim Fofana, Yoann Granfurca or Kilian Martin. On the flip side, Neon lived in trance early in the season. Changes in the workforce have led to erratic results but have stabilized slightly. They will rely a lot on Jeremy Gonen and Isaiah Ombeg. If these two are at their best, we can expect a long streak. This will be determined above all on the quality of the personnel. And at this level Neuchâtel seems better equipped to me. Neon doesn’t have the same punch power and will have to rely a bit more on his clan.

Randwald Desarzen’s prediction: Neuchâtel qualified in five matches (3-2).

Match 1 is on Saturday in Neuchâtel (6 pm).

Match 2 Wednesday in Neuchâtel (7:30 pm).

Game three on Saturday 30 April in Nyon (5.30pm).

Possible Match 4 on Tuesday, May 3rd in Nyon (7:30 p.m.).

Possible match 5 on Thursday 5 May in Neuchâtel (7:30 pm).

Neuchâtel: 17 wins, 10 losses.

neon: 12 wins and 15 losses.

Geneva (4th) – Central Switzerland (5th)

“The Lions have had a normal, complicated season, which is way below the team’s potential. Something is clearly wrong. They’ve never been able to tie a chain that would keep them calm. I don’t think they can move forward. They are up against a team that has also shown an offense, but they are guilty.” More.Above all, Swiss Central paid the price for their youth and lack of experience.This team showed itself capable of surprising performances and collapse in the next game.But it continues and gradually grows.I find it to be a great season for a rising player.After that, the giving remains at an individual level. Compared to Geneva, there is no comparison but Swiss Central has nothing to lose. What’s more, they reached the final with a much more positive and bullish dynamic than the Genevans. The latter will have to roll up their sleeves but they will have a clear advantage if they can put up their game In the half-pitch and cut the rapid shifts towards the American narrative by Antoine Anderson (Editor’s Note: 15.2 points, 4.2 points averaged this season). For the rest, the key to this chain lies in group regularity.

Randwald Desarzen’s prediction: Geneva qualified in five matches (3-2).

Match 1 is on Saturday in Geneva (5:30 pm).

Match 2 Tuesday in Geneva (7:30 pm).

The third game is on Saturday 30 April in Lucerne (6:30 pm).

Match 4 is possible on Tuesday 3 May in Lucerne (7:30pm).

Possible match 5 on Thursday 5 May in Geneva (7:30pm).

Geneva: 14 wins and 13 losses.

Central Switzerland: 13 wins, 14 losses.

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