UN documents “war crimes”, there is still no humanitarian corridor in Mariupol

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today’s news

The United Nations takes a stand. “Over the past eight weeks, international humanitarian law has not only been ignored, it has simply been bypassed,” Michelle Bachelet, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in a statement. “Russian armed forces have indiscriminately bombed and shelled populated areas, killing civilians and destroying hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure, all of which may amount to war crimes,” Geneva spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said.

Thus UN inspectors documented the “murder, including summary execution”, of 50 civilians in the town of Buce. The strike on the Kramatorsk station, where “submunitions” killed 60 civilians, “is a symbol of the inability to adhere to the principle of distinction (between civilians and soldiers),” the High Commission notes. And these accusations of war crimes may not be the latest: according to the Mariupol city council, which relies on satellite images, there are “mass graves” where “3,000-9,000 residents could have been buried” in Manchu, a village near the port city.

Today’s sentence

It’s a realistic possibility, yes of course.”

At a press conference in New Delhi, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the possibility of continuing the war in Ukraine until the end of 2023 as “realistic”, and acknowledged the possibility of a Russian victory. Russian President Vladimir “Putin has a huge army, (…) he made a huge mistake and the only option available to him now is to continue trying to use his horrific artillery-based approach to try to crush the Ukrainians,” he added at the conclusion of a two-day visit to India aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation between them. .

Today’s number

11.588. This is the number of Ukrainian students supported in France, from kindergarten to high school. A number that is updated every Friday by the Ministry of National Education. 40% of them are in primary school. The three academies most affected are the Academies of Versailles (1110 students), Nice (1059) and Grenoble (806).

Today’s trend

Mariupol continues to attract all eyes, to stir up all fears. While a humanitarian corridor cannot be opened on Friday “because of the danger to our roads”, according to Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, Charles Michel asked Vladimir Putin to ensure the erection of lanes for Orthodox Easter. The Russian president, for his part, rejects the failure of the evacuations in Kyiv. The head of the Kremlin defends “the life of all Ukrainian soldiers, patriotic fighters and foreign mercenaries is guaranteed if they lay down their arms (…) but the Kyiv regime does not allow this possibility.”

Russia even says it is ready to hold a truce “at any time” at the industrial site of Azovstal, the last stronghold of armed resistance in Mariupol. The Russian Ministry of Defense notes that “the starting point for this humanitarian pause will be for the Ukrainian armed formations to raise white flags over all or part of Azovstal.” But in fact, the fighting continues, the negotiations between Moscow and how “skate” according to Sergey Lavrov. “The proposal we made to the Ukrainian negotiators five days ago, which was drafted taking into account their comments, has not been answered,” he said.

Mariupol’s resistance remains crucial for Ukraine. “The success of the Russian offensive in the south depends on the fate of Mariupol,” said the governor of the region, Pavlo Kirilenko. As long as it is concentrated on this city, which is an essential element for joining the eastern and southern fronts, the Russian army does not advance in its project to occupy the whole of Donbass. Enough to give Westerners time to bring in new weapons. So Boris Johnson indicated “to send tanks to Poland to help send some T72s to Ukraine,” while France will offer artillery pieces.

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