Tiger Woods, new comeback puzzles

He couldn’t find a better way to talk about it. Last week, nine days before the Masters (April 7-10), Tiger Woods showed up with his son Charlie and friend Justin Thomas to the course in Augusta (USA) to test his fitness. Since then, the question has shook the golfing world: What if “Tiger” can’t get enough of this week’s dinner of champions? What if I line up at the start of Thursday? It sounded crazy, of course, but we’re talking about a guy who really made a legendary comeback in the Augusta Masters in 2019, with Homeric winning 11 years after his last Grand Slam success. And he put an end to the suspense on Tuesday by confirming his participation in the tournament.

It’s been fourteen months since a car accident in South Los Angeles brought him out of business. Not the first, but the most dangerous. Pulling him out of his rental SUV, crushing him in the front end after several rollovers, Woods overheard doctors discussing the possibility of amputation. We didn’t know if you’d come back on your feet or not“,” Sam, her 14-year-old daughter, remembered while presenting hall of fame, March 9. The legs are fragile, the body is always more patchy, but at 46 the man is still standing.

hammock son

Just before Christmas, he still needed a wagon to hit the 36-hole PNC Championship in Florida. Fun fair, with family, away from PGA Championship standards. But there is a good indication of Tiger’s progress in his work, already with his 12-year-old son. His swing was more controlled, more poised, Gregory Havert, with whom he participated in the last round of the 2010 US Open, noticed. We can see that he was paying attention to his legs but also recovered. Along the way, we also spotted his son, who has a swing I’ve never seen before at this age. The true seed of a hero. »

Proof that the man with 15 majors is still a hit, nearly 2.3 million viewers tuned in to NBC for the occasion, 200,000 more than the last British Open. Even in his absence from the official Greens, Woods received the biggest reward for the new “Player Impact” program, being paid $8 million by the PGA Tour by virtue of his ability to create “positive interest” for the organisation.

If the American’s connection is poor and he dedicates nearly half of his posts to his patrons, he would like his added value to become mathematical again. I would like to tell you when I will be able to play again but I don’t know yet, I captured the person in question last month. I can make good chips and hit the ball well, but I haven’t had serious long shots yet. I’m still working on the side walking. It’s progressing, but not as fast as I’d like it to be.» Perhaps it was the reason why he tested himself on Tuesday.

“no number”

According to his canister for eleven years, Joe LaCava, the ramp looks much steeper after multiple runs (ten including five in the back) after he bet the road. But I think at his age he is still ready to do the job, This recently slipped onto the radio for the PGA Tour. And if he can move around on a golf course, he can still be dangerous.» The idea is not to get back full time to the ring, but first to tap tournaments here and there. It is an unfortunate but realistic fact. The person concerned whispers. I understand and agree with it. Hoping to be good in time. »

Now it’s down to 944th in the world, he says it’s not Unreal» Let’s expect him to come back on top of the mountain“. But is rationality still a reliable criterion when one has already extracted so much genius and shown such flexibility? Basically, who would really be surprised, at next year’s Masters, to see him break Jack Nicklaus’ record by becoming the oldest player to wear the green jacket?

“The world of golf longs to see him return, Grégory Havret’s saliva. I will be the first to lay my eyes on his fragrances. When Tiger plans to play again, it’s not just about making up numbers. I’m convinced he still wants to make an impression. The fact remains that he has reached an advanced age and the competition is now very strong and very dynamic. He can’t help but blame himself for playing golf.» He might still have things to offer her. While waiting for the son, in turn, to get out of the woods.

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