Netflix: Series 7 not to be missed for Harry Potter fans!

News culture Netflix: Series 7 not to be missed for Harry Potter fans!

Are you lacking in charm after watching the last episode of Fantastic Beasts in the cinema? Today, the editorial staff of JV brings you 7 series that should not be missed on Netflix for all Harry Potter fans.


  • Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
  • Destiny: Winx Saga
  • Diablero
  • lock and key
  • Shadow and Bones: The Grisha Saga
  • command – order
  • the magician

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a fantasy television series directed by Louis Leterrier for the Netflix streaming platform. It is a prequel to the 1982 animated film of the same name directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. With the death of the planet Thera, Ryan, Priya and Det, three Gelflings, aim to stop the Skekses. These powerful, power-hungry Lords are slowly destroying the crystal that is nothing but the heart of their planet. Then a rebellion is launched to try to stop them. This is the beginning of an epic struggle that has just begun.

Destiny: Winx Saga

Destiny: Winx Saga It is a television series directed by Brian Young which is an adaptation of the world-famous Italian animated series “Winx Club” into live action. Follow the journey of five fairies frequented by Alfia. In this magical boarding school located in the heart of the underworld, these magical creatures will have to learn to master their powers and magic as they navigate love, rivalries and other monsters that threaten their existence and universe.


Diablero It is a fantasy horror series directed by Pablo Tibar and Jose Manuel Craviotto. We are in the presence of an adaptation of the novel by Mexican writer Francisco Hagenbeck entitled “El Diablo me obligo”. This series focuses on Father Ramiro Ventura, a fallen priest who is searching for the legendary “demon” or demon hunter Elvis Infante to help him. Accompanied by contemporary superhero Nancy Gama, this unexpected trio begins a chain of events that could determine the fate of all of humanity.

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Netflix: Series 7 not to be missed for Harry Potter fans!

lock and key

lock and key is an American fantasy series created and directed by Joe Hill and available on Netflix since February 2020. This story tells the story of the Locke siblings: Tyler, Kinsey and Little Bode who return with their mother to their family home in Keyhouse after the horrific murder of their father. The Keyhouse is a place of wonder and fear, filled with dark doors and magical keys that let you pass through. As the Locke children discover different keys and magical powers of their own, a mysterious demon awakens. He will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Omega Key.

Netflix: Series 7 not to be missed for Harry Potter fans!

Shadow and Bones: The Grisha Saga

Shadow and Bones: The Grisha Saga is an American fantasy series released on April 23, 2021 on Netflix. It is based on a series of novels by Lee Bardugo, and adapted by Eric Heiser for the small screen. In a cursed world plagued by endless war, the army is recruiting a young orphan named Alina to follow powerful magicians who are fighting against the darkness in order to maintain their existence. However, a tragic event occurs. In fact, his childhood friend is nearing death during the fight. Now alone, Alina will have to trust new people, but will she have the courage to follow them?

command – order

command – order is a fantastic television series, created by Dennis Heaton, that immerses us in the eventful life of Jack Morton, a young college student. He is tricked into joining a legendary secret society, The Order. After his installation, the latter plunges into a world of magic, monsters and intrigue and ends up discovering dark family secrets. This is followed by a battle in the shadows between the werewolf classes and the cults of witches.

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Netflix: Series 7 not to be missed for Harry Potter fans!

the magician

the magician It is a fantasy series written by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. It adapts the literary work of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, but also adapts the famous video game saga developed by CD Projekt RED from which most of the visual elements are strongly inspired. The wizard Geralt, a hunter of mutant beasts, struggles to find his place in a world where humans often prove to be more ferocious than beasts. When fate pushes him into the arms of a powerful witch and a young princess with a special gift, the warrior must rethink his priorities against the backdrop of the war sweeping the continent.

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