France hands over Caesar’s cannons to Ukrainian forces

France will deliver artillery pieces to Ukraine. This was announced by Emmanuel Macron in an interview with him West of France Posted Friday morning.

In response to a question about Ukrainian critics’ denunciation of weaknesses in arms shipments by Germany and France, the head of state replied that Everyone bears his responsibilities with his political scales, and I do not interfere in each other’s political life. We are very coordinated. The day before yesterday I spoke with Chancellor Schulz about this. We still offer great equipment, from Milan to Caesar, including several types of weapons. I think we have to continue down this path. Always a red line, which is not to enter into a joint war.

Excellent precision rifles

They are defenders Caesar155 mm caliber will be transferred to Ukraine for government forces whose artillery will also be reinforced with artillery pieces delivered by the Americans (these are 155 mm pieces) and the Netherlands, which will supply them Panzerhabitz 2000 (Self-propelled gun of German manufacture, 64 of which were delivered to the Dutch).

Caesar on the go. It is a highly mobile machine capable of reaching 50 km/h in all terrain | Minarm

The Caesar The French is an all-terrain truck equipped with a 155-mm cannon, capable of hitting a target at a distance of 40 km with excellent accuracy. It is manufactured by Nexter and exported to seven countries including Saudi Arabia, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Since 2008, 77 Caesar Equipping French artillery units, including the 11th RAMa at La Lande d’Ouée, near Rennes. These weapons were deployed by France in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Sahel.

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from Caesar in Ukraine

According to French sources, 12 guns Caesar It will be taken from the army park. This is a very significant effort that would weaken French capabilities but would certainly speed up the decision to replace worn out artillery pieces and modernize the fleet with Caesar NG .

Taking equipment from army gardens is nothing new. Air Force provided Storm Used for Greece and Croatia; The Navy passed its turn to deliver the frigates (in Morocco for example).

As far as Ukraine is concerned, the delivery of support weapons to reverse the balance of power is urgent because the Russian offensive on Donbass is now underway. On Friday morning, General Rustam Minkayev, deputy commander of the forces of the Central Russian Military District, made it clear that it aims to take full control of Donbass as part of the second phase of its military operation. It also wants to establish a secure territorial contiguity for Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.

Delivery to Ukrainians running It will be ready to work beginning of mayAccording to the Elysee, who did not want to specify how many pieces and how many shells would be delivered.

On the other hand, details about the training component were given. On Saturday, about forty Ukrainian soldiers will arrive in France for training. They should join Camp Canjuers, the usual training site for the French artillery.

INFO WEST-FRANCE. War in Ukraine: France hands over Caesar cannons to Ukrainian forces

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