Fears of attack in Donbass, Le Pen, Macron and Mariupol … Volodymyr Zelensky trusts BFMTV

On Wednesday, April 20, BFMTV is broadcasting an interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesky. The channel has already revealed some excerpts. One where he evokes the links between Marine Le Pen and Vladimir Putin, and the second where he clearly shows his support for Emmanuel Macron.

Volodimir Zelensky gave an exclusive interview to BFMTV on Wednesday, April 20th at 6:50 PM. The Ukrainian president should discuss the current situation in his country at a time when Russia has just deployed almost all of its forces in the east, especially in Donbass.

But President Zelensky also presented his views on the French presidential election to Yves Calvi and Ulysse José, just hours before the start of the second round of debate. In a video released today, he said that Marine Le Pen should understand that she “deceiveAbout Ukraine to improve relations with Kyiv.

Candidate for the Presidency of the French Republic with the support of the National Rally (RN) so far They have always refused to condemn the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, arguing that this was not the result of an invasion but rather the result of a democratic referendum. This position earned him in 2017 a ban on him staying in Ukraine by kyiv.

Asked about this point and his relations with potential President Marine Le Pen four days before the second round of the French presidential election, Volodymyr Zelensky replied that “if the candidate understood that she was wrong, Our relationship can change“.

What should we expect from Volodymyr Zelensky’s interview on BFMTV?

Find out the first excerpts from the interview

\ ud83d \ udcfa The President of Ukraine is the guest of Yves Calvi and Ulysse Josset this evening at 6:50 pm on BFMTV. pic.twitter.com/lF21SZMaSa

– BFMTV (BFMTV) April 20 2022

“I don’t want Macron to lose”

“I mean, of course, I have relations with Emmanuel Macron and I don’t want to lose themHe added: “I understand that the internal pressure must be very great. But President Macron must choose because it is a war. Between money and business, or between the fight for freedom and human rights,” he noted, aware of the many companies located on Russian soil.

For his part, the imprisoned Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, on Wednesday, clearly called on the French to vote for Emmanuel Macron. “A Russian political prisoner addresses French voters, it’s ridiculous (…). I certainly urge the French people without hesitation to vote for Emmanuel Macron on April 24,” he said in a long post on Twitter.

“Anyone who calls himself a ‘conservative’ and sympathizes with Putin is in fact an unscrupulous hypocrite,” he added. “Elections are always difficult. But you have to at least take part in order to vote against someone.”

The Russian threat is more present than ever

President Zelensky also expressed concern about the Russian army, which he believes has not been fully mobilized. “We can fear that the ongoing operations are only a prelude to more violence. The Russians have not yet mobilized all their means and this could be tactical. So today I cannot certify that a large-scale attack has already begun,” he warned on BFMTV.

“The situation in Donbass has been difficult for eight years because fighters have prevailed there all this time,” he said. But Zelensky was optimistic, saying he “believed” that the Ukrainians would win.

Terrorist act in Mariupol

The President also made an interim assessment of “Part One of the War.” “We counted 15,000 dead during this first part of the war. Of course there are more casualties today,” adding that “life has resumed in Kyiv but the air strikes continue.”

Zelensky reiterated the need to evacuate civilians, especially in Mariupol “Some people have managed to escape but most of the time the lanes are closed and people cannot leave the city.” And the latter is still waiting for the delivery of heavy weapons from the West, whose relations, he claims, have “improved”. It is estimated that 95% of the city has been destroyed by the Russians so far.

“Soldiers are stranded, but not only soldiers are stranded, there are also civilians and the elderly. It’s not even a war anymore, it’s an act of terrorism on the part of the Russian Federation in Mariupol,” he said.

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