Emmanuel Macron reveals the delivery of Milan missiles and Caesar rifles

Until now, France has been silent about the content of its military shipments. But Emmanuel Macron provided details on Friday of arms shipments to Kyiv.

Unlike many Western allies, France was silent on the content of its military deliveries to Kyiv. It’s hardly supposed to send fuel and”defensive armament“That is, helmets, flak jackets, mine clearance and medical equipment. I called several times in recent weeks before le FigaroThe Ministry of the Armed Forces did not want to explain its silence.

But in an interview with West of France On Friday, Emmanuel Macron revealed the shipment of Milan anti-tank missiles and Caesar self-propelled guns. With regard to the former, it is not so much real news as the rebellious MP Alexis Corber, a member of the Committee on National Defense and the Armed Forces of the National Assembly, revealed the supply of “Some anti-tank missiles“Which is the reproach of the majority. The newspaper the world He confirmed this information, noting the delivery “a few dozenMilan missiles. Referring to French aid totaling 120 million euros, Opinion He explained that France also offered Javelin anti-tank missiles and Mistral very short-range anti-aircraft missiles.

On the other hand, so far, the Caesar pistols have not been leaked. Deployed in Iraq against the Islamic State but also in Mali with tremendous efficiency, these self-propelled guns can fire 155mm rounds at 40 kilometers at a rate of six to eight rounds per minute. The presidential candidate did not specify the extent of this handover. We only know that France wants to have 109 Caesars in 2025. According to West of France 12 rifles will be taken from the Army’s inventory for commissioning.”beginning of may“.

Caesar in training. Nicholas Tokat/AFP

The Ministry of Armed Forces has recently evolved at its discretion as it revealed in a press release issued on 15 April “Means of protection, electronic equipment, weapons and ammunition, as well as weapon systemsFor Ukraine, the receipt of such heavy weapons could have a significant impact in its fight against the Russian invader. For several weeks, the Westerners have already assumed the sending of new equipment, such as armored vehicles. And Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced, Tuesday, the availability of spare parts for the aircraft. fighter.

basic weapons

The $800 million US aid decided by Joe Biden allows for the delivery of 72 howitzers and their vehicles, 144,000 shells and 121 deadly Phoenix Ghost drones. In addition to 11 Mi-17 helicopters, 10 AN/TPQ36 anti-artillery radars and AN/MPQ64 Sentinel anti-aircraft radars. 500 Javelin anti-tank missiles, thousands of other anti-tank systems, 200 M113 armored personnel carriers, 100 lightly armored Humvees, 300 Switchblade kamikaze drones, as well as protection equipment from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons already planned by Washington.

for newBattle of DonbassThese new weapons can play a vital role. “It’s almost a second war that will start in Ukraine‘,” warned Joseph Henrotin, editor-in-chief of the magazine Defense and International Security (DSI), in a recent file decoding figaro. “for him The army has boosted morale, determination, but also in equipment, sent by the West or taken from the Russians‘, he completed.

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