Elden Ring Vs Horizon: What sets these two major games of 2022 apart from each other?

game news Elden Ring Vs Horizon: What sets these two major games of 2022 apart from each other?

With a slow start to the year, the video game schedule sent us two mini segments, one after the other. The first, Horizon Foribdden West, is the direct sequel to the excellent Horizon Zero Dawn, which came out in 2017. The second, of course, is Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s new bombshell. Two distinct games in 2022. Want to know the differences between them? Follow the guide!

Going further, find above, in autoplay, the video “Horizon Forbidden West, Pokémon Arceus, Elden Ring: Which is the best open world?” Released earlier this year. Happy reading and happy watching!

Have you been planning a “comfortable fluffy” break in 2022? Well, if you are a fan of video games, you have missed it! A few weeks after the release of Pokémon Legends Arceus, Horizon Forbidden West has arrived on PS4 and PS5. Then do it again ten days later with Elden Ring, a new project from Studio FromSoftware (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro). With these two open worlds of action and adventure games, there is no time to get out of the house at this rate. But despite the common kind – at least in appearance – There is a gap between Elden Ring and Horizon II. If you don’t really see the difference, JV is here for you.

Two visions of the open world

The thing to understand with Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring is that it’s about that Two radically different visions of the open world. Since an event like the middle of 2010, games in the “open world” are cooked in all kinds of sauces. More than a kind, it’s then a spec to be respected for every Triple A on PC, PS4, and Xbox One (eg The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear 5 The Phantom Pain). Then the open-world style crystallized around specific elements, which are now considered classic: question marks to reveal on the map, GPS to get there, sometimes the famous “Ubisoft towers” ​​to reveal part of the playing field, etc. what or what? Do open worlds suck? That was before Zelda Breath of the Wild arrived and demolished the house in 2017. With a gigantic world and navigation where player curiosity is the only compass, Nintendo wrote a whole new page of the genre.

Left to Right: Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West

Elden Ring Vs Horizon: What sets these two major games of 2022 apart from each other?Elden Ring Vs Horizon: What sets these two major games of 2022 apart from each other?

To put it simply, Horizon Foribdden West builds on classic open world heritage such asPlayed by “Elden Ring” instead of “New Wave” Zelda Breath of the Wild Way (we’ll discuss more details in the next second). This is not to say that the PlayStation title is fundamentally less successful than the FromSoftware title. As mentioned above, these are two branches of the same sex. The choice of one over the other is explained fairly easily. Horizon Forbidden West is a much more narrative experience than Elden Ring – it’s a direct sequel to Aloy’s adventures in Horizon Zero Dawn – and for this writing to be able to express itself, it needs a distinct structure, with main and mandatory missions. For his part, Elden Ring, despite collaborating with Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin, places the obvious date in the second plan or even the third plan. The lack of a linear frame forces the player to forget about it in favor of exploration.

very different navigation

As a result, we don’t get around the Elden Ring like we do the Horizon Forbidden West. In the PlayStation blockbuster, we either mark the map which will then be displayed on the screen, or notice an icon using the radar at the top of the screen, or are guided by the game itself. To the decorative element that stands out in the distance (a last case that rarely happens). Whereas for Elden Ring, it’s quite the opposite. Above all, it is our sense of observation that proves useful in finding our directions. Because here, there are no question marks on the map or GPS. Just the wilderness, and a map that’s definitely useful but must first be completed in parts. Unlike Horizon, Elden Ring has everything to gain from confusing players. In FromSoftware, the most valuable treasures, including weapons and powers, are found off the beaten path. Central to the progression system: it is literally by hiking that one becomes strong and thus ready to face great challenges. A point certainly present in Horizon, but it is less supported.

Radical artistic choices

Don’t get me wrong. In Horizon Forbidden West it is entirely possible for you to walk around and encounter quests or creatures that will make you stronger, which will necessarily come in handy at one point or another. But it will be done much less smoothly than in Elden Ring, and this is for a simple reason: A PlayStation title rooted in a form of realism Whereas, it is quite the opposite of FromSoftware. As a reminder, Horizon takes place in the very real America where ancestors once reigned, which is the equivalent of people of our time but with more advanced technology. This is still science fiction, but the Guerrilla game studio, behind Horizon, should offer settings that are credible enough to make a clear distinction between “technology that has destroyed humanity” and “nature’s restoration of its rights”. Inevitably, this premise limits the extravagance of level design, like Legacy Dungeons of Elden Ring visible for miles. So it only makes sense that we’d end up with a world looking completely different, and more awesome at FromSoftware.

Playground experiences

All in all, it’s for sure: Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring don’t offer the same experience at all. It’s a good thing. Video games, even when they share a few common points (here “open world” and “action-adventure”) are not necessarily meant to be head-to-head. And therefore , The horizon is more spread out than the Elden RingPlayStation has plenty of settings to adjust to customize your adventure. The difficulty can for example be changed on the go, whenever you want, just like the aids are steered or not steered during missions, and that’s not all. Which helps you greatly if you feel the need. For his part, the Elden Ring offers you very few gifts, although it considers itself the “Dark Souls Easy Mode”. Because unlike other FromSoftware games, the new open-world architecture allows you to level up before facing the obligatory bosses, which are often very challenging. There are also new things – spirits, in particular – that will help you. But the adventure will not be easy at all.

Another approach to the challenge

So, there is one (other) certainty: Elden Ring is an experience that will push you even more to solidify. But it all depends on the difficulty you set for Horizon Forbidden West. Because in “normal” mode, The Guerrilla title is going to give you a hard time, with a particularly balanced challenge. Even more than its predecessor, Horizon encourages you to be alert and smart when dealing with massive robot animals. You can, of course, shoot them in the face, but it is desirable to aim precisely at the parts that make up them. Thus it will be possible to trigger a powerful chain reaction or disable the missile launcher to protect yourself or even drop this weapon to defend yourself. Also, your ammunition doesn’t last forever, which sometimes forces you to revise your strategy. In the Elden Ring too, you have to know how to adapt. Each boss is moved by his own gestures. So it’s up to you to decide if you prefer a lighter or heavy weapon, or fight on the back of the mill. Thanks to the highly advanced RPG dimension, you can customize your hero from the ground up. In short, Horizon or Elden Ring, the choice is yours. Different games, so why not try both?

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