Windows 11: This fake update hides a major threat to your PC

news devices Windows 11: This fake update hides a major threat to your PC

A fake Windows 11 update is currently circulating on the web: it contains malware that seeks to recover your personal data and potentially steal your cryptocurrency wallet.


  • Fake update, but real malware
  • Inno Stealer instead of Windows 11
  • Multiple target cryptocurrency wallets
  • A risk that goes beyond a simple fake update

We can never say it enough: when looking for information about software or updates, it is necessary to trust the official sites of publishers, and carefully check the page on which you come across. guide with This new cyber threat targeting Windows users Find information on how to upgrade from windows 10 to the new version of the operating system from Microsoft.

Fake update, but real malware

The site in question is still showing up in Google search results, but the domain appears to have been deactivated as of this writing. That doesn’t mean he won’t be back on the web anytime soon.because hackers are often pugnacious when it comes to making Internet users fall into the trap.

The site’s home page is now down.

The page offers switch to Windows 11 easily, with a “Download Now” link. By clicking, the ISO file is downloaded: This format usually corresponds to a disk image, which is supposed to allow installation of the program or, in this case, the operating system.

Inno Stealer instead of Windows 11

certainly, When you run it, you don’t get Windows 11, but a nice malware called Inno Stealer. Its operation was analyzed by security experts at CloudSEK, who submitted their view on this dangerous program to the site sleeping computer.

running malware.

Windows 11: This fake update hides a major threat to your PC

The first maneuver of this malware is to control certain settings of the computer, in order to deactivate the antivirus software installed on it and keep Microsoft Defender out of harm’s way. According to CloudSEK experts, Emsisoft and ESET security solutions can easily be disabled by malware. Then it installs itself in the C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\ folder and takes the name Windows11InstallationAssistant.scr.

quickly, Inno Stealer starts collecting personal data It is retrieved from the data of browsers installed on the device which often includes Usernames and passwords. It is able to operate in periods of time that leave it free, such as at night, which allows it to reach the maximum amount of material resources.

Multiple target cryptocurrency wallets

CloudSEK analysis shows itInno Stealer mainly targets browsers running on ChromiumWhich, of course, includes Chrome, but also Edge and Vivaldi. Oprah is also affected.

Windows 11: This fake update hides a major threat to your PC

On the other hand, The malware is also capable of recovering highly sensitive data related to dozens of types of cryptocurrency walletsThe goal is to steal its contents. BraveWallet, WalletWasabi, EqualWallet, iWallet, RoninWallet and many more are currently at risk.

A risk that goes beyond a simple fake update

If the site associated with the fake Windows 11 update hosting Inno Stealer is currently down, This malware is still relevant. Its creators are currently unknown and CloudSEK states that it has not found any similarities with the code found in other common malware at this time. this is the reason Caution is in order Regarding downloading potentially corrupt ISO files.

If you want to switch your PC from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you don’t need to download an IOS file: we explain how to do it here!

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