Wagner mercenaries? “Without chains, even without faith or law” (General Thierry Burcard)

Russian Wagner mercenaries “Effective on its record and unrestricted, even outlaw”The Chief of Staff of the Armies (CEMA) General Thierry Burcard, estimated that deputies questioned him on February 16 about the coexistence in Mali between the French army and Wagner. Report published only on April 20th. This is more than two months later. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine became a crime in Europe. So why write an article two months after the comments made by General Thierry Burcard in Another World? Since he is the chief of staff of the armed forces, his words have weight and sway when he evokes a sulfur entity like Wagner, it is very likely that he is located in Ukraine. General Burchard privately officially confirms what everyone thinks about this mercenary company “Obviously linked to the Russian state”.

“Who is directing? Wagner ? It is clear that the group is connected with the Russian state, but I am not sure that it is directly directed, at the discretion of the Chief of Staff of the Armies. On the one hand because it would be complicated, on the other because it would be less flexible for them. I think Wagner has great guidance in terms of operations, the impact to be produced, and the strategy. On this last point, if France wants to be a balancing power, Russia wants to be a troublesome power; He has the capabilities and is working on long-term strategies.”

According to CEMA, Wagner “It is not directly supported, at least permanently, by the Russian state – which is not particularly distinguished by the strength of its economy”. However, he believes, “Wagner’s weak point is that it is a business model first and foremost: when Wagner intervenes in an area that corresponds to the Russian sphere of interest and influence, he has to find something to finance himself, and I think that is what we have to try to break”. It also indicates that the head of Wagner EuJeanne Prigozhin, nicknamed the chef Vladimir Putin, Not a soldier but a good business leader – or a good mafia, as one wants”.


In response to a question from LR MP on Loiret Marianne Dubois, about the possibility of clashes between them French soldiers and Wagner in Mali, or in other countries Africans, General Thierry Borchard remembers it Regarding the Russians hiring a mercenary company Wagner to Mali, the mystery continues. Russian soldiers are in Mali, and both Russia and Mali say it is a bilateral partnership. This does not mislead or deceive you, but the fact is that on the ground it is difficult to distinguish things with certainty. Wagner”. Especially since Algeria, which is close to Moscow, forbade the French army to fly over its territory, but allowed this to Wagner.

About “The hypothesis of interactions between Wagner and Barkhane forces, i I was ordered to safely disengage Barkhane and took action to do it best Possible, the general explained. But this does not mean that there can be no losses: it is a war, In front of us are people who pursue their own goals. we will Anything to prevent this from happening. Very strict instructions were given in this area.

“Without faith or law”. The Wagner Group is believed to be involved in a massacre in early April in which hundreds of civilians were killed in a central Mali village in Mora. According to Reuters, some accounts indicate that they were killed by soldiers from the Malian army with the support of the group. Wagner. For Human Rights Watch (HRW), it’s “Reporting the worst atrocities in the decade-long armed conflict in Mali. In addition, Wagner’s human rights violations were identified by the United Nations in the Central African Republic. Finally, according to un a senior European official, there will be between “10 to 20,000” Wagner mercenaries, or Syrian and Libyan fighters, clashed on the side of the Russian forces. He says he noticedTransfers from regions such as Syria and Libya to the eastern Donbass region”.