Joe Biden announces new military aid to support Kyiv

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5:42 pm Russia announces the prevention of 29 American figures from entering its territory. US Vice President Kamala Harris is the most famous figure on the list, which also includes Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and head of the Meta Group.

4:43 PM More than 7.7 million people have been displaced within Ukraine, or one in six Ukrainians, according to a new census by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). She estimates that 15% of those displaced intend to return home within the next two weeks.

4:37 PM : Joe Biden is also skeptical about taking Mariupol announced by Russia. “There is no evidence yet that Mariupol is completely lost”He says. Mariupol did not fall.also confirms to the mayor of the city, Sergey Orlov, in an interview with RTL, an extract of which was posted on the Internet on Twitter.

4:38 PM US President Joe Biden announces, for his part, $800 million in new military aid, an envelope that includes Heavy artillery weapons, dozens of howitzers, 144,000 ammunition and drones. The United States will also send $500 million in economic aid to Kyiv.

4:49 PM Spain announces sending 200 tons of military equipment to Ukraine, doubling its total donations since the beginning of the Russian invasion. that it “Modern Ammunition” Based on “Material“, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez explained, saying somewhat ambiguously. He is visiting Kyiv with his Danish counterpart Mette Frederiksen.

4:28 pm : “This “gesture” not to attack in order to save as many lives as possible on the Russian side is also a way to show that we are aware of the losses and that we want to reduce them.

On the France Info website, a specialist in Russia analyzes Vladimir Putin’s decision to call off the attack on the last enclave held by the Ukrainians in Mariupol, the Azovstal plant. Carol Grimaud Potter also believes that the capture of Mariupol can be presented by Russian propaganda as a victory in “De-Nazification” Ukraine, because this is where the famous Azov battalion fought.

4:35 pm : An AFP journalist saw three buses arriving in Zaporizhia from Mariupol with civilians on board. A human corridor was opened for the first time in several days. We know that four buses managed to leave Mariupol this morning, but it is impossible to tell if the three buses spotted this afternoon were part of them: convoys sometimes take more than 24 hours to cover 200 kilometers of the road.

3:12 pm : Ukraine requests the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to evacuate civilians in Azovstal steel plants, where the last Ukrainian fighters are holed up from Mariupol. This population ‘Don’t trust the troops’ Russians, writes the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Twitter. Vladimir Putin called his army to this “Block this entire area so no fly can pass” and the promise “Life saves” for fighters.

2:18 pm Let’s remember the most important news for Thursday:

• Didn’t you see the discussion last night? We summarize it for you in this article and we’ve verified 12 claims from the finalists here.

• The campaign is continuing. Marine Le Pen is in the Somme, where she criticized “arrogance” of his rival, before the last meeting in Arras (Pas de Calais). Emmanuel Macron, travels to Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis).

• Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed “success” subordinate “Liberation of Mariupol”Strategic port besieged for a month and a half. He said the Russian military would not storm the steel mills where the last Ukrainian fighters and civilians were holed up.

1:53 pm : Italy must Soon to boycott Russian gas shipments for ethical reasons, says the Italian Minister for Environmental Transformation, Roberto Cingolani. term “thus” Relative: It envisions the end of purchases within 18 months, while the goal so far has been 24 to 30 months. Italy is one of the largest gas consumers in Europe, and imports 95% of its consumption.

1:46 pm : Ukraine will receive “In the coming days” Heavy weapons from Eastern European countries, according to German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht. “It’s about combat tanks, armored vehicles, or other possibilities [de matériel] Countries can give up, she explained. It says that Germany can no longer provide weapons, and it lacks sufficient stocks for its army.

1:08 pm Lukoil, the largest oil producer in Russia, announced the resignation of its boss Vagoit Alekperov. In early March, he called for a swift halt to the Kremlin’s offensive in Ukraine, a rare stance. A week ago, he was put on the list of Russian personalities endorsed by the UK.

1:01 pm A Moscow court fined Google €126,000 for failing to remove Ukraine war content “banned” In the eyes of Russian justice. These are videos posted on YouTube: phone conversations of people portrayed as Russian soldiers, who caused heavy casualties, and a call from the Ukrainian radical group Pravi Sector to organize attacks in Russia.

12:39 : It’s noon, what should be remembered from the news?

• This is a historical low. The controversy between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron has attracted 15.6 million viewers. The two candidates are already back on the field. Follow this new campaign day in our lives.

• Didn’t you see the discussion last night? We summarize it for you in this article and we’ve checked out twelve claims from the finalists here.

• Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks so Mariupol Editing Success. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanichina says: “1,020 bodies of civilians only, civilians.” collected in the morgues “The whole Kyiv region”. Follow the situation in our lives.

11:47 : Olga Stefanichina told AFP that “1,020 bodies of civilians only, civilians.” In mortuaries “The whole Kyiv region”. In early April, Russian forces began to withdraw from the vicinity of the Ukrainian capital to reposition in the east.

11:41 AM : Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanichina said that more than 1,000 bodies of civilians are in morgues in the Kyiv region, the Ukrainian capital.

11:21 am : The obligation of the French language in Ukraine is part of a “Some Revolutionary Romance” It perpetuates a long-standing tradition of the French far-right, explains to AFP Jean-Yves Camus, a professor of political science who specializes in the far-right. “Ukraine is also considered an entirely European and Christian region,” continued. Finally, pro-Ukrainians are drawn to the Ukrainian nationalist traditions and the legend of the rebel army of Stepan Bandera, who during the Second World War cooperated with Nazi Germany (before opposing it) and fought against the “Soviet Red Army”.

11:14 am : Sasha, who has distant family ties in Ukraine, Argentine: “We are in a free and democratic country, and in this war, it is civilians who suffer the most”He says to explain his commitment. Exhausted by his battle last month, he takes the time to give the news to his wife and children on the other side of the Atlantic.

11:21 am : Volunteers from all countries are flocking to Ukraine to fight in the Donbass. In Kyiv, where franceinfo met them before they left for the east, instructions are shown in both Ukrainian and English. While they were sitting in the canteen, the instructions of four Brazilians were translated by a Portuguese woman. Even the commander chose an international war name: John. He struggles to remember all the countries of origin of his soldiers: Taiwan, Great Britain, Scotland, Spain, Lithuania, Sweden and Georgia. The French also left there. In all, twenty nationalities. Here is our report.

10:57 : Yulia, a Ukrainian woman in her 30s who fled the bombed city of Mykolaiv a month ago, will give birth to her daughter in the Dordogne, where she has found refuge, France Bleu-Bérigord reports. In France, there is Sully’s right, but Yulia’s daughter will be Ukrainian. Planning to go home. “My husband is there and all my family is there.” Her husband cannot come to see her for childbirth, and Ukrainian law forbids this because he is of fighting age. He will live the birth of his daughter by video on a mobile phone.

10:29 : “At first I just wanted to help friends, spouses and their animalsNadezhda says. I started a group on Instagram. I recorded a video and it went viral. Two days later, I realized that not only were my friends, but 72 others in need of humanitarian aid.“In this article we point out how, In Russia, Solidarity is organized to help Ukrainian refugees.

09:42 : “The situation is difficult, even critical.”, shortly before the commander of the Azov battalion, one of the last two combat units in Mariupol. In addition to the last Ukrainian fighters, several hundred civilians, who lack food and water, are holed up at the Azovstal plant, according to KEV.

09:42 : The Russian President confirms that his forces took control of Mariupol with “success”, which Kyiv does not confirm at the moment. Vladimir Putin also told his defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, that the attack on the Azovstal site was not. “unsuitable” And that it was necessary to besiege “Zone so that not a single fly passes”.

09:34 : Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that Mariupol Editing Success.

09:10 : It’s nine o’clock, and here are the headlines:

• Marine Le Pen hesitant and on the defensive? Macron cocky and on the offensive? In the wake of the two-round debate, comments and analyzes multiply. Follow the different reactions in our lives.

• Pensions, inflation, unemployment… After a face-to-face meeting between Emmanuel Macro and Marine Le Pen, we reviewed twelve statements from the finalists.

• Four buses for evacuating civilians managed to leave Mariupol after several days without a humanitarian corridor, according to the Ukrainian government. Follow the situation in our lives.

• We will have to wait a little longer. Paris Saint-Germain is not yet the French champion, despite its victory in Angers (3-0). OM’s fault, the winner of a final against Nantes (3-2), delaying the deadline by a few days.

08:54 Yesterday, the establishment of a humanitarian corridor from the martyred city of Mariupol failed. Kyiv and Moscow have rejected responsibility for this failure.

08:46 : The Ukrainian government said four buses to evacuate civilians left Mariupol after several days without humanitarian corridor.

07:27 When and how will the siege of Mariupol, the martyred city in southern Ukraine, end? Impossible to say accurately. “We are ready to leave Mariupol with the help of a third party”armed with weapons, “To save the people entrusted to our care”says the commander of the Azov battalion, one of the last two combat units in the coastal city.

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