In La Trinité-sur-Mer, “Le Pens, ordinary citizens” – between the two Breton towers

Tuesday, April 19. At the beginning of the afternoon, there is no cat on the rue du Vourh Coz, in the center of La Trinité-sur-Mer. Pascal, the postman, begins his ritual: retrieving the route of his morning run as he roams. And soon he’ll treat himself to a little café on the port. He, the son of the country, knows every stone in every lane to perfection. He started here in 1978 and witnessed the slow death of his village. Heating engineer, pharmacy, bar, bakery … All the shops in the city were closed. Summarizes “everything is in port now”.

“You must be born somewhere, Jean-Marie was born here”

The small town of Morbihan has a population of about 1,650 residents and 75% second homes. The average price of homes there is 612,000 euros. Pascal notes that “only Parisian pensioners can buy property.” They were called “homeless”. “In the ’80s, I saw people mowing their lawns. Today, I know the color of mailboxes but not men’s heads. They raise their walls and install whole gates and digital numbers. It’s the Parisian. We protect ourselves and live among ourselves,” he laments. The Le Pen family home escaped this fate. “Like everyone else, you must be born somewhere. Jean-Marie was born here, says Pascal. They are ordinary citizens when they come. They assimilate into local life.” He meets them every summer but on Sunday he will choose the “empty vote, even if it doesn’t count. Macron can’t stand me!”.

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The Le Pen, we don’t talk about it anymore, as there are no real Trinitans anymore

“She is a friend of Putin, it is not possible! »

On April 10, the outgoing President of the Republic received 41.72% of the votes of the people of Trinidad. Marine Le Pen came only third, with 192 votes, or 12.61%, behind Valerie Pecres (13.34%). No membership vote for country baby daughter. This comes as no surprise to Danielle, who has lived here for 50 years. “The Le Pen, we don’t talk about them anymore, as there are no real Trinitans anymore.”

Marie-Claude, 78, who has known Marine “since she was very young,” will go and her father to vote for the National Rally candidate. Not Kristen who settled in town in 1975. “Nice has been seen with her cats. But we quickly forget all the things she’s going to delete! We’re going to be pissed off with all of Europe! She’s a friend of Putin, that’s just not possible!” she argued, before delaying her outrage at the secondary residents.

“France is divided in two!”

Among them are Marion and Celine, mothers from Le Havre. With their offspring, they play overtime around the last pie stall at the Place du Voulien market, just below the city. “In 2017, we were pro-Fillon. In the second round, I voted for Macron. Sunday, I won’t vote for Le Pen but Macron really disappointed me. I’m very angry,” says Marion.

A few more meters away, the gorgeous port of La Trinité comes into view. Spi Ouest France village completes its dismantling. It is the kingdom of tourists. Lucien, retired Alréen, has not been watching the news for “15 days” anymore. He’s made up his mind and can’t wait for it to finish and move on. But whoever wins, I’m sure things won’t go well. France is divided into two parts! “.

“It’s hard to get into the nominees program”

He does not charm Antoine, also from Ouray, “but, whatever people say, Le Pen’s program would be a disaster for France and Europe. Acquaintances with Putin are a bit scary. Between two evils, you have to choose less and less, Macron still.” Biggie from Tours will return to vote on Sunday. She is “disappointed with Macron’s five-year term,” she says, tempted by the empty vote and “has trouble making herself visible on the candidates’ platform.” What worries her? “The state in which we bequeath our planet to our children.” Just like Inora, who came from Kimberly (29 years old) to spend a few days with her husband and their two children, Solal and Alos. “I voted for Mélenchon in the first round. My wife decided to vote blank. My relatives chose to vote in blank and will eventually vote for Macron. I don’t know yet.”

“Le Pen terrifies us and frightens us”

In front of the rafts, Geraldine and Natalie joke on a bench. These two 50-year-olds from Normandy “needed a breath of fresh air,” far from their small rural town of Saint-Pierre-en-Hug, which voted 35% for Marine Le Pen on April 10. “His second best result in Calvados! Le Pen “terrifies and scares them.” Natalie just heard that “those under 30 will be exempt from income tax. How can people believe such things? You have to be realistic and have a little common sense! ‘, they swear. They are stunned to learn that La Trinité-sur-Mer is the cradle of the Le Pen family. ‘M…! We came to get some air! “.

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