Draymond Green’s interesting rant about the NBA Cups

On his latest podcast, The Draymond Green Show, for a good 15 minutes Draymond Green He argued what changes should be made regarding the NBA awards at the end of the season, based on this observation:

“You can’t tell me there’s someone in the NBA who has done more than that Jordan Paul. »

“I do not disagree with having Dignity Murray In this discussion and the fact that he is likely to be a winner. »

for him Ja Morante He has nothing to do there, because he is the best player last season

“The reason he got involved in the MVP debate is a lot of what he did last season. Everyone was looking at him like, ‘Man, if he keeps doing this, he’ll be the best candidate,’ and he did. I don’t agree with him being in the discussion to be the player who improved. more […] For me he is discussing the Best Young Player award (Best Young Player). I don’t rule out anything about what Ja Morant has done and the progress he’s made. I think he made amazing progress, but at the same time, Ja Morant was the second pick in the draft. This isn’t always the case, but when someone is drafted into second place, you expect them to be good, which is why you pick them second. The second option is the guy around whom you can build your franchise. So Ja Morant is supposed to be that good. Dejounte Murray was the 29th pick. »

related Darius Garland, He adds that the third runner-up

“As I know basketball, I knew when I went to watch Darius Garland play at USC when he was at Vanderbilt, that was the path he was going to take. If that wasn’t your case, you should question your knowledge of basketball. That is the case with many These people (the media).

For him, first of all, a minimum standard is missing.

“I find your system completely ridiculous and outdated. There are no standards in place for any of these awards. There is no limit to the number of matches that have been played. What makes someone a more advanced player? There are no standards. For the Player of the Year trophy? No There are standards. We’ve seen players win when their team is seventh, we’ve seen guys whose team is first. If Joker wins it this year, his team is sixth, if Joel wins his team is fourth in the East. It’s a shame there aren’t criteria for these awards.

Another concern for him is the fact that it is the members of the media who vote and who indirectly decide, for example, the salary or bonus of some players.

“It’s sad that the media votes because they’re human and they might have a personal issue against certain players because it happens, because they’re human. Then at the end of the day they decide who gets the $40 or $50 million bounty.

Take for example Jason Tatum Who wasn’t an All-NBA last year when he should have been according to him and lost $30 million and didn’t have a Super Max.

All because someone who was watching the game decided he wasn’t up to the NBA level. These are also people who don’t watch all the matches. If you’re a hit writer (covering a team), for example from ESPN and covering the Warriors, you don’t watch every Celtics game. So how can it be said that Jason Tatum is not all NBA? How does it make sense to say Jordan Paul is not a MIP?

So there is a huge glitch in the system and it’s ridiculous that it hasn’t changed, especially with the amount of money at risk. Basically, someone I don’t want to interview can decide whether to get $37 million or not? This is ridiculous.

But it comes down to how the players are treated. Because the reward for the man who works at Goldman Sachs (the investment bank) is not decided by the client who has an account there. The customer doesn’t call the boss and say, “Hey, John deserves a reward.” Or someone from CNBC isn’t calling Jimmy Dimon (the president of JPMorgan Chase, the financial holding company) to say your employee deserves a $37 million bonus. But I don’t know how it’s done in the NBA. And I do not understand.

The thing is that these awards are decided by people who may not have played basketball in their time. Which means there are things in basketball that they don’t see.

Then Greene takes his example and American football, which he has always been a fan of and which he prefers as a spectator of basketball. He explains that he thinks he knows a lot about her, but realizes that there are things he doesn’t see, because he doesn’t have the experience of practicing at a high level on a daily basis.

“There is a game within the game that I am not aware of because that is not what I do. I study football, like these people say they study basketball, especially media workers. As a member of the media now, I find it unfortunate that I can get A vote will one day decide who is the best defensive man in the NBA. […] I may hate Marcus Smart, you may not know it. And since I hate Marcus Smart, I might not vote for him. I don’t hate him, but you get my point. When I’m 40 I can probably vote, I can decide not to vote for the player and it cost him $40 million. Do you think this did not happen? You cannot believe that this cannot happen.

He takes his example during the 2015 Defender title where only one journalist placed him in the top three despite receiving more votes than Kawhi Leonard, who ended up as Defender of the Year on the wire. If this journalist had put Green in the Top 3 list, which is obvious, he would have been elected Defender of the Year.

Do you think it was a mistake or was there something behind it? […] On what does it depend? It is shameful and ridiculous that no one talks about this. It is not a concern because we are simply seen as athletes. This is the only reason there is no problem. Again, CNBC doesn’t decide whether or not a Gloden Sachs employee should receive a bonus. It baffles me that as a mathematician, it could be someone from Bleacher Report or ESPN or Blue.com – there are now people who build their own websites and become media personalities because they are good at building a site – which ultimately decides if someone can make 40 million or not. It’s utterly ridiculous and a shame that not only would Jordan Paul win the MIP Cup, but he didn’t even make it to the final. If he’s not a MIP, you’re out of your mind, and he won’t be because he’s not a finalist. You have lost your mind. And you’re wondering why those I call basketball educators don’t know basketball? You obviously don’t know basketball. That’s why I say I want to help the media, because you have lost your credibility. People say things without any repercussions, just to talk. Learn basketball. Learn basketball if you want to do the job, because it’s a beautiful sport that these stories ruin. Learn basketball if you want to do it. So I think this is totally silly and I hope the NBA realizes this is totally out of date and needs to be changed.

It proposes, for example, a vote of players and coaches or the formation of a committee. What do you think ?

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