Can you buy a low-cost Volkswagen T-Roc without feeling cheated?

The restyled Volkswagen T-Roc costs €27,990 at the first price. But specifically, can you be satisfied with the first price of a German compact SUV? That’s what we wanted to check by trying out the 110-horsepower T-Roc Life with no options.

A few days ago we tried the new Volkswagen T-Roc restyled in its five-door and convertible versions. As usual, the models available during the presentation of the car to journalists benefited from the high-end finishes, as usual when a manufacturer wants to highlight its cars. Most customers are rarely satisfied with the base models and often choose the “Basic Range”, in general with a medium-powered engine, a polished exterior style and a good level of interior equipment.

But then, what happens when you settle for the first prize? Do we end up, as when we keep a rental car, with a model that puts on a very sad display and minimal equipment? It turns out that during the presentation of the restyled T-Roc, Volkswagen had a version of the base model priced at 27,990 euros at the end of life, with a modest 110-horsepower TSI petrol unit and a five-speed manual gearbox. A perfect opportunity to see if this type of release remains “purchasable” in earnest.

This is what a Volkswagen T-Roc looks like without any options

Good to know: Anticipate buying and reselling.

It is possible to find out the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle thanks to your Volkswagen T-Roc’s automatic turbo rating, an alternative to the Argus rating.

LV surprisingly good

The existence of this entry-level version was not by chance: Volkswagen has changed its approach for some time and is now offering first prices with more generous equipment than before. This is also why the low-cost T-Roc costs about 4,000 euros more than the entry-level 2008 Peugeot. And that the machine does not look like an inadequately equipped vehicle when you look at it, with reasonably stylish 16-inch rims and LED optics. The onboard mount is also a surprise in a good way with digital instrumentation, an 8-inch screen on the center console, and a similar finish quality to other models available during testing. The same note for stopping in terms of equipment : In addition to full connectivity with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, there’s dual-zone automatic air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and reversing radars. Lots of equipment that entry-level versions of this type of model generally lack.

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Note digital instrumentation, 8-inch touchscreen display (compatible with Apple Caplay / Android Auto wirelessly), dual-zone climate control

No need anymore!

That’s why nothing makes the impression, at the entry level of T-Roc Life, that you’re driving a truly low-cost model. Fans of powerful engines will pass in turn, as will devotees of large rims and beautiful leather interiors. but otherwise, The humble TSI is still developing enough performance and a manual gearbox is not a chore. Add to that a good level of dynamic efficiency and even a glimpse of the engine’s character and you have enough to explore beautiful country roads without getting discouraged. all with Combined consumption 7.2 liters per 100 km Without really looking to save fuel. In short, everything from a compact SUV without real flaws. Peugeot 2008 with similar equipment, including adaptive cruise control, is priced at 29,550 euros (although there is a more powerful engine and a more refined exterior display). So the German seems to be in the game with no choice. But beware, the price of a similarly equipped Golf starts at €28,395. The T-Roc has a more generous trunk (445 liters versus 380 liters), but its lower sibling could at least be as welcoming and benefit from a more modern design.

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