Boris Johnson arrives for a vote in Parliament

The position of elected conservatives, torn between loyalty to their leader and voter anger, will be scrutinized as the May 5 local elections approach.

Boris Johnson mired in crisis: British MPs discuss and vote on Thursday, April 21party gateThese parties organized in Downing Street during the confinement period and received a fine for the Prime Minister.

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Did the Conservative Party leader deceive Parliament deliberately? Given his majority, there is little risk that the House of Commons will agree to trigger a parliamentary action that might prompt him to resign. But this debate, which above all will give an idea of ​​the level of support for his troops, prevents Boris Johnson, determined to remain in power, from turning the page on this scandal. The case, which has taken a back seat for some time due to the war in Ukraine, was revived last week when he was fined for breaching anti-Covid restrictions while participating in a surprise drink on his 56th birthday in June 2020, becoming the first incumbent. Punishment of the British Prime Minister for violating the law.

Suggestion for discussion

On a visit to India, he will be absent from Parliament on Thursday. But he reiterated his desire to remain in office until the next legislative elections scheduled for 2024 and focus on “The things that matterTo voters, according to statements carried by British media, who were present with him on the plane. Boris Johnson reiterated his apology on Tuesday.without reservationsTo the deputies and the British, saying that he does notDid not come to mind“That this gathering, for about ten minutes at most, according to him,”It may be a violation of the rulesThen in force.

It is not enough to convince the opposition, which has put forward a motion for debate in the House of Commons, to know whether the Prime Minister has intentionally misled Parliament by repeating in the Palace of Westminster that he has respected all the rules. The motion is unlikely to pass given the large Conservative majority in the House of Commons. Many MPs who once called for Boris Johnson’s departure now believe it is inappropriate to chase him from Downing Street in the context of the war in Ukraine.

“decency” and “honesty”

However, the debate will allow potential snipers to declare themselves. The position of elected conservatives, torn between loyalty to their leader and voter anger, will come under scrutiny as the May 5 local elections approach. In an effort to calm lives and buy time, the government has introduced an amendment of its own to delay a vote on referring the issue to the Concessions Committee, a parliamentary committee in charge of this type of question.

When seized, this commission can investigate and, if necessary, recommend penalties whose scope and scope is not clear. But the ministerial law stipulates that a minister who intentionally misled Parliament must resign. “We urge Tory MPs to do the right thing: Respect the sacrifices of their constituents during the pandemic, and say the public was right to play by the rules‘, ordered Labor leader Keir Starmer. Opposition leader, Tuesday, Boris Johnson called ‘arude man“Calling on the deputies of the majority to get rid of their leader to restore”Decency, honesty and integrityin British political life.

The prime minister has also come under heavy criticism from within his camp, with Conservative MP Mark Harper saying he is no longer “valuableto be prime minister. In addition to a possible parliamentary investigation, Boris Johnson is not immune from new fines for his participation in at least five other ceremonies, according to the press. And he will also have to face, at a date still unknown, the conclusions of the great civil servant Sue Gray, who has already been crushed in an advance report”Mistakes in leadership and judgment“.

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