War in Ukraine: 269 bodies found in Irbin region, according to a police official

Follow developments in the conflict in Ukraine throughout Monday, April 18.

Macron says he is ready to return to Kyiv

Emmanuel Macron said, on Monday, that he is ready to travel to the Ukrainian capital again, but on the condition that he comes with something useful.

“I will return to Kyiv, but I will return to bring something useful, and not just to show support,” said the presidential candidate in France 5.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has invited Emmanuel Macron to visit Ukraine so that the French president can see, he says, that Russian forces are committing “genocide,” a term the French president refuses to use, unlike US President Joe Biden.

269 ​​bodies found in Irvine

Ukrainian investigatorsExamination of 269 bodies in ArbinNear Kyiv, since the city was retaken from Russian forces in late March, a police official said on Monday.

Citywhich had a population of about 62,000 people before the war, It was at the center of the clashes with the Russian forces before their withdrawal from the northern regions of Ukraine to step up their offensive in the east.

In a cemetery on the outskirts of Irvine, dozens of new graves have been dug up and covered with flowers. “So far we have searched 269 bodies,” Serhiy Panteleev, first deputy head of the police’s main investigative department, said at an online press conference.

He pointed out that Forensic examinations were underway to determine the cause of death for many of the victimswhich show images of mostly charred corpses.

He said that seven sites in Irbin where civilians were said to have been shot were searched, without elaborating. Russia denies targeting civilians He rejected allegations that his forces committed war crimes in the occupied areas of Ukraine.

Sanctions on Russia are weakening the West, says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, on Monday, that the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine have led to “the deterioration of the economy in the West.”

In a speech on the state of the Russian economy, he added that inflation in his country is stabilizing and demand has returned to normal.

Western countries have decided to impose unprecedented sanctions on Russia, its companies and financial system since launching what Moscow describes on February 24 as a “special military operation” but which Kyiv considers an invasion.

Ahead of Vladimir Putin’s speech, Russian Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina said she was considering another rate cut and said it would take about two years to bring inflation back towards the 4% target set by the authorities themselves.

Consumer price inflation in Russia reached 17% in March. The central bank raised the key interest rate to 20% on February 28, compared to 9.5% previously, after the ruble fell due to the start of the conflict and the first Western sanctions, but lowered it to 17% on April 8. .

“We need to be able to cut the interest rate faster,” Elvira Nabiullina said in a speech to lawmakers on Monday. “We need to create conditions to increase the availability of credit in the economy.”

She said the sanctions have mostly affected the financial markets so far, “but now they will start affecting the economy more and more.”

She said Moscow plans to start legal proceedings against freezing Russian assets, including gold and foreign currencies owned by Russian residents.

Russian missile strikes “strong” in Lviv

Five “powerful” Russian missile strikes hit Lviv, a large city in western Ukraine usually relatively untouched by the fighting, Monday morning, said the city’s mayor Andrech Sadovy and presidential adviser.

A resident of southwestern Lviv told AFP that he saw Thick plumes of gray smoke Soar into the sky behind apartment buildings.

Five powerful missile strikes at once on the old European civilian infrastructure of Lviv. The Russians continue to brutally attack Ukrainian cities from the air, declaring to the whole world their “right” to … kill Ukrainians.

– Михайло Подоляк (Podolyak_M) April 18 2022

The emergency services have not yet intervened immediately and at the moment, it is difficult to make an assessment. But for the district governor, the strikes would have worked At least 6 dead and 8 wounded.

“Among the victims is a child”The strikes hit military infrastructure and a tire garage, causing fires, Maxim Kosietzsky said via Telegram.

Lviv and western Ukraine, located far from the front, have rarely been bombed since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

– Kyiv region targeted

On Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had fired high-precision missiles at an ammunition factory near Brovary.

Mariupol without humanitarian aid

“It is believed that between 100,000 and 130,000 civilians remain in Mariupol. They suffer under fire, without water or food. The deputy mayor of Mariupol told BFMT television station:

“People survive. They share everything they have with each other. People look for water directly in wells, in the ground, and look for food in abandoned shops,” he explained.

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