Roccat Syn Buds Core Headphones Review

Roccat, the obvious gaming brand for its own mice, headphones and keyboards, is updating its headphone lineup with wired Syn Buds Core models priced under €25. A good deal or junk to avoid, here’s a quiz to answer.


  • Content, manufacture and finish
  • Comfort and sound are forever linked
  • Small headphones can sound really good

The number of headphones on the market has exploded in recent years and should see an additional boom in France, where smartphone manufacturers are no longer required to supply their phones. It must be said that between the transmission noise we want to smooth out and the music or gaming noise we want to amplify, sometimes the in-ear headphones solution is best, between discreet, comfortable listening and ease of portability.

But while reputable models from Samsung, Apple or Sony cost around €100 most of the time, finding a high-quality model for a quarter of the price can be interesting. It remains to be seen what this type of product, such as Syn Buds Core and €24.99, can bring to your ears.

Buy Syn Buds Core from Roccat at the best price

to specify
Compatibility Wired PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Tablets, Smartphones
microphone type Unidirectional microphone on the outer case
Microphone Noise Reduction no
View 7.1 / 3D no
weight 16g per earphone, without cable
Available connections mini jack connector

Content, manufacture and finish

There is no big surprise when you open the box. The recipe is well known and the Roccat headphones work no better or worse than what’s been found just about everywhere years ago. The Syn Buds Core is connected to a 140cm rubber cord, not braided, with a remote control on the left side to manage playback (power off pause) and volume (+/-). The latter does not work with all devices that we have connected Syn Buds Core to.

At the end of the cable, the 4-pin mini-jack plug allows connection to modern consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series, and Switch), laptops, and some smartphones and tablets that still have a mini-jack port for data and analog audio transmission. So far, there is nothing special to report. The finish corresponds to the asking price, €25 at launch, clearly not quite up to the genre’s prevalence. The plastic here is quite rough and the cable connection to each speaker seems quite flimsy.

Roccat Syn Buds Core review: How good are low-cost headphones?

Syn Buds Core is also supplied with a soft carrying case and 3 types of tips to choose from depending on the size of your ear canal so everyone can find their place. From our side, Everyone who has put these Syn Buds Core in their ears has found advice that works for them …without finding an ideal location.

Comfort and sound are forever linked

It took us several tries and several positions for the measured audio curve to finally sound like we were listening to once the headphones were properly placed. It must be said thatThe position of the headphones in relation to your ear canal has a very important influenceMuch more important than usual in receiving different frequencies, especially the bass.

Roccat Syn Buds Core review: How good are low-cost headphones?Roccat Syn Buds Core review: How good are low-cost headphones?

It is therefore essential to correctly orient the headphones, sometimes turning them into landscape mode, to enjoy exactly the right sound at its best. Except that by doing this, you can end up with a badly placed headphones from a comfortable point of view, even with a precarious position, little by little, making the good sound disappear by trying to find a balance position. A little mystery unfortunately losing some interest in these headphones.

Small headphones can sound really good

This positioning flaw is a shame because Syn Buds Core is really capable of itClean, balanced reproduction, with properly defined heights and fairly dynamic lows, which leaves the raised poke slightly behind. Obviously, we would have liked to find such a typical curve in many of the headphones and earbuds we’ve passed through. So be warned, it’s not quite up to the AirPods that offer better definition across the spectrum and more dynamics overall, but the rendering is just right given the asking price, and the fun of listening to music or playing with these models didn’t leave us for the duration of our testing.

Roccat Syn Buds Core review: How good are low-cost headphones?

Microphone-wise, we’d be a little less optimistic, as our listeners in chat or during calls have described the sound quality of our voice as “blah.” But if the bell is not respected and the microphone tends to pick up the environment a lot, Clarity remains very good It allows easy communication.

The noise isolation of these headphones is at a good level, so you can enjoy a game or music on the go. Don’t expect to enjoy the silence that active models provide while reducing ambient noise.

Buy Syn Buds Core from Roccat at the best price


strength point

  • Good build quality
  • 3 tips to suit all types of ear
  • Sound quality if you find a good placement
  • wired platform
  • The microphone is quite successful for the cat

Weak points

  • The bass output is highly dependent on the position
  • Adjusting the volume does not work on all devices
  • Cable fragility and connections to headphones

Roccat’s Syn Buds Core presents themselves as entry-level headphones. As such, they pass the clip on our test bench well by delivering a balanced sound, without major flaws, making listening as enjoyable in music as in the game. We will regret the same thing because comfort and voice reproduction are related some difficulty in finding a position that works in both. However, for 25 euros, Syn Buds Core properly fulfills its contract to play on a console or listen to music on the go. For more convenience and better manufacturing quality, you will have to spend more.

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