PS5: The console masterpiece at an unprecedented price!

good deal news PS5: The console masterpiece at an unprecedented price!

The PS5 has given us many surprises in terms of titles. But there are some that stand out and manage to go beyond mere entertainment. Yes, he clearly speaks of art and even of a masterpiece in some cases. The PlayStation 5, then, was any small console capable of taking advantage of such a game, and the latter is currently offered at a very low price! It’s time to motivate yourself to buy it if you suspect that it has attacked you before.

Hideo Kojima, the famous Japanese video game maker, recently signed a hit with a rare beauty and above all, particularly critically acclaimed. Originally released on PS4, the title has benefited from a complete remake on PS5 and is currently being offered at just under €32!

Very reasonable price for a game that managed to seduce whole hordes of players. Plus, with the code AFFAIRE10, you can take advantage of a 10% discount!

Buy Death Stranding at €31 at Cdiscount

You can’t separate Death Stranding from its creator, Hideo Kojima. In fact, the latter is a central icon of the video game. Having managed to make a name for himself with the Metal Gear Solid series, the Japanese creator has struck unprecedented success with Death Stranding.

In fact, all critics acknowledged that Kojima’s game was a hit. We can see a comprehensive action from the gameplay, textures, and especially the scenario. It is certainly the game closest to cinema, both in the metaphor of symbols and in the significance of history.

Thus, the plot of Death Stranding takes place in a future not far from our time, in the United States. A few years before the game started, a strange evil appeared, Death Stranding.

This evil revived the dead. And the latter has only one obsession, to suck the soul of the living. On top of that, Death Stranding causes explosions, and it drops a kind of dark oil, which if dropped, becomes premature.

You play as Sam Porter Bridges, a man with a very special mission in this ruined world: to carry packages.

It may seem completely trivial, but the humans who managed to survive now live underground, in bunkers. Indeed, your role is to restore communications across the vast territory of the United States by connecting different areas of the East Coast with the West Coast.

And for this, you will have access to specialized equipment. In addition to BB, the ability to anticipate the arrival of dangers related to Death Stranding.

Well-made story, stunning views. Death Stranding manages to leave no details to chance. This game will surely not leave you unscathed.

Death Stranding exit cut: A successful PS5 port?

The PS5 version of the game takes advantage of the power of PlayStation 5. Thus, the latter is shown in 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second constantly. Working on the embellishments makes the graphic quality of the title go even further.

Moreover, this PS5 version also comes with additional content, both game modifications and additional missions that will allow you to deepen the story.

Buy Death Stranding at €31 at Cdiscount



Two years later, Death Stranding is still a masterpiece. Undoubtedly the latest addition to Kojima Productions remains divisive, offering a unique gaming experience, transformed by the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 allowing him to give everything he has in his stomach, to the point of spilling into his new bulimia, never Unparalleled content. Admittedly, not everyone is created equal, but the experience this director’s cut offers is complete, likely suiting more player profiles, and likely to appeal to those who have given up on this weird and wonderful journey on PS4 who will appreciate (re)living new adventures with Norman Reedus is more real than life. Definitely a must for anyone who owns a PS5 and wants to get started with a unique game that made history and still fascinates us today.

To learn more about the title, you can refer to the full test about it.

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