Pamirs: District provides computers to two refugee high school students

Kamel Chebli handed over the first computers to refugee students in Arij and was educated at Lycée Perrin in Pamir. A working and communication tool for those young people who have left everything, starting with their families.

They are a lesson in dignity. And perhaps the opportunity to review our relationship to language learning. Kamal Chebli, the district’s vice president in charge of education, youth and sports, was traveling Wednesday morning to the Lycée Pyrenees. The official-elect came to hand an “Ordi’Lib” to the first two young refugee students educated on the Castella site.

In addition to the reception procedures, President Carol Delga wants to allow young people to integrate and register for the long term. For us, the accompaniment of all the disciples is essential and especially goes through this gesture of solidarity. But for the second seasons, we considered this effort should be one for all young people. It’s about giving them every chance to settle down. So we have requested translators in Russian and English to facilitate this support. They may have some semblance of normalcy throughout their stay here. What’s more, when we see this conflict has intensified for 48 hours, analyzes Kamel Chebli who insists on the fairness of the Ordi’Lib device carried out exclusively by Stefan Seer, head of digital education. Because Monica is Ukrainian and Becca and Georgian. “Equality towards all refugees is the policy of the region,” confirms the vice president who has identified, for the time being, between 50 and 100 young people distributed among secondary institutions in Occitanie.

‘A new way of working’

A few steps away, Monica and Becca can count on Valeria, a young Russian translator. However, the satiated Ukrainian girl had to leave her father in Kyiv to embark on a long train journey before arriving in Mazères, where she is staying with her half-sister. She no longer has her mother. “It is complicated for her: her father does not have the right to leave the country and she has a SIM card problem,” Valeria notes as Kamel Chebli begins a conversation in perfectly correct English.

Monica will be able to take advantage of the wifi to connect with her family back home.
DDM – Geraldine Jamet

More conservative, Becca also discovered his new working tool.

More conservative, Becca also discovered his new working tool.
DDM – Geraldine Jamet

By opening her computer which turns into a tablet, the girl is clearly affected. “It’s for class work but wifi can allow you to connect with your family,” the chosen device releases. The answer – in French in the text -: “Nice to meet you, I am happy and happy,” she smiles. So of course, Monica takes French and foreign language courses. But she was only here a month ago. “We enrolled her in a class with the theater option because she did a lot of it in Kyiv,” notes Jose Jorge, principal of the school, who is delighted “to see Ukrainian, Russian and Georgian together” at his institution.

Moreover, this year the school received 440 computers The after-sales service is provided by SPIE. Equipped with an encyclopedia and appropriate software, they contribute to this “new way of working”. This contributes to the fact that all Ariège families have a computer. Even teachers are asking to take advantage of it,” said Jose Jorge, along with Cecile Buchlon, Vice Mayor.

Finally, it should be noted that the district is preparing to make available two boarding schools to accommodate future young refugees, who have been forced to leave their families behind.

Another 45 tons of basic necessities were sent on Monday

On Monday, a second convoy under the direction of the district set out on the way to Poland from Narbonne. In particular, thanks to the collection campaigns organized by the students of the high schools Gallieni, in Toulouse, and Ernest-Ferroul, in Lézignan-Corbières, 200 cubic meters, or 45 tons, of basic necessities will be sent very quickly to the site. “Unfortunately, the war has not stopped since then, and families, women, children and men continue to suffer from its scourge. That is why I would like to thank the residents, communities, associations and businesses who responded once again to the call of solidarity to allow this second convoy to be dispatched”, salutes Carol Delga, President of Occitanie. In Areej, at least 163 refugees were cared for, including 30 children. The governorate prefers to use the term “displaced persons”.

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