Limoges calls themselves a Top 4, Le Portel stop Cholet, Paris is practically a maintenance

On Tuesday evening, six meetings were held on behalf of the 30th day of Betclic ELITE. On top of the table, Dijon fell to Paris (87-83). Asvel made short work for Champagne Basket (64-92) while Nanterre 92 knocked out Ilain Bernier (75-78). Meanwhile, Limoges fought off Fos-Provence (89-97) while Le Portel halted Cholet’s good streak (84-90). Finally, GL Burg beat Rouen after overtime (95-82).

Paris falls Dijon

After two straight wins against Monaco and Le Portel, JDA Dijon was hoping to continue on the basketball court in Paris. Lagging by 11 points in the first half (45-34, 20), Nenad Markovic’s players failed to stop the Paris attack and turn the tide for the win. Although there is a file David Holston (23 points, 10 assists), JDA Dijon couldn’t do anything against Kyle Allman duo (25 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists) – Ismail Kamagat (19 points and 7 rebounds). Paris Basketball finally won 87-83 and provided valuable success while keeping Betclic ELITE.

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Run downhill against the champagne basket

The electric shock will not happen to change the bus on the side of the champagne basket. This Tuesday, ASVEL made short work of a Champagne team unable to respond offensively. With a very good start to the game and a very good rally, the TJ Parker guys played their basketball game. Eli Okubo (19 points, 7 assists) allowed his team to take off very early in the game. Asvel won pretty much (64-92) and sank a bit in the champagne basket.

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Nanterre ousts Ilan Bernier

After two straight defeats, Elan Béarnais greeted Nanterre with a strong intent to win to resume their march forward in the race for the qualifiers. Leading by 3 small points in the first half (40-37, 20 minutes), Baloa relied on the effectiveness of Vitalis Shikoku (16 points and 4 rebounds) and Hamadi Ndayye (7 points) to stay in the game. When they came back from the locker room, Nantryn visibly accelerated and took off thanks to the duo Thomas Wimbush (17 points and 6 rebounds) – Bastien Pinault (14 points and 3 rebounds). awakening Brandon Jefferson (22 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists) Too late to make a difference. Thanks to a very good second period, Nanterre won on the wire (75-78) and Pau inflicted a third straight loss. Not the right way to prepare for Saturday’s Coupe de France final against Strasbourg…

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Nicholas Lange surrenders Limoges to Marseille

Limoges CSP continues its frantic race to qualifying. Despite a poor start to the match, the Limougeauds knew how to react perfectly on the heels of an excellent performance Nicholas Lang (25 points and 3 assists). under the momentum of Lassan Kromah Highly effective (26 points), Fos-Provence held onto CSP in this first period (51-49, 20′). Upon returning from the locker room, the crossing between the two teams continued. Contested from start to finish, this segment saw Limoges CSP win at the end of the suspense (89-97). With this newfound success, along with the defeats of their direct competitors, Limoges took a giant step toward the playoffs by merging the top four, with their nine wins in ten matches. An evening of dreams, the antithesis of the night of Vaux-Provence which lies in the landing zone.

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Le Portel discontinued the beautiful Cholet series

After his big win over JL Bourg, Cholet Basket wanted to continue this Tuesday with a welcome to ESSM Le Portel. After being denied Luke Nelson’s knee injury, regional theater guys, Eric Gerrard, were able to stop Cholet’s beautiful dynamic. After clinging to half the time (45-41, 20 minutes), Laurent Villa’s men can count on Yuan Macondo He’s all over the place (14 points and 4 rebounds) to stay in the game. Upon returning from the locker room, he picked her up Moftow Yaro (18 points and 7 rebounds), the top performers put in a real push to take off in the best times (60-68, 30 min). Thanks to an excellent second half, Le Portel won and thus stopped Cholet’s good streak (84-90). With this success, Stellasts implemented a very beautiful maintenance process.

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Borg en Press knocks out Braun after extra time

Now away from qualifying, GL Burg was hoping to raise their heads on Tuesday after the heavy defeat they conceded against Chollet on the final day. This Tuesday, Laurent Legnam’s men beat Rouen (95-82) after overtime. under a rush Jakinan Grant (20 points and 3 rebounds) and Lauren Jackson (15 points, 3 assists), Jean-Denis Chollet’s men (35-46, 20) quickly took the lead but watched Presence’s team gradually return to the game, even if they were still a 13-point lead in the final quarter. Behind the entire match, Laurent Legname’s men relied on a great player Norris Cole (26 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists) to steal extra time, and also take advantage of Johnny Berhanemskel’s wasting on the free throw line 5 seconds after the last bell, and overthrow Jean-Denis Chollet’s team (95-82). JL Bourg offers a respite after a very complicated period. Conversely, Roan did not finish shaking.

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