Impressive against Venice, Metropolitan 92 will see the quarter-finals

“Last night, in the players’ WhatsApp group, we talked directly about it,” said Lahau Konate. In this case, “was” the sudden elimination of Badaloni, which, therefore, would not be a misfortune for everyone. In addition to opening the field of possibilities a little more for an outsider like Boulogne-Levallois, suggesting to him the possibility of a possible semi-final match at home, it would at least allow the Metropolitan 92 to become a little more aware. The huge risk: This new EuroCup formula, which is near absurd, is unforgivable and six months of work could turn to dust from a poorly managed first financial time. So ask Juventus, the regular season’s best record, which leaves the chance for Ratiofarm Ulm, who have been defeated 11 times out of 18 in the second set, to keep fighting for a Euroleague ticket. Or in Partizan Belgrade, which has been cited since the off-season as the undisputed favourite, and was finally released in the first match without a return by Bursaspor…

The Metropolitan’s 92nd Defensive Steam Guns

Then, for the Metropolitan 92 to be really concerned, there had to be a real threat up front. This was only theoretical, embodied in a streak of rank seven victories in all rifle competitions. But this Wednesday, Raer showed up at Hauts-de-Seine with flat batteries, exhausted from the series of meetings. “It’s very hard to be at that level when you’re playing without energy,” sighed Walter de Rafael, fed up with the string of injuries that have fallen on his team, as Jordan Theodore recently joined Michele Vitale and Austin Day in the infirmary.

Hunter and Mets took control of the gun in the racket
(Photo: Olivier D’Almeida/EuroCup)

However, it would be unfair to limit the Boulogne-Levallois eligibility for cross-alpine breathlessness. Despite “a lot of pressure”, according to captain Konate, the Metropolitans 92 put out one of their best performances this season (87-66, final score), after a slow start (0-7, second minute). A victory built initially on a defense that stifled the gun for 30 minutes. As such, incredibly aggressive, the Parisians made a great third quarter in this area: It’s simple, eight minutes apart, apart from a somewhat piercing three-point shot from Michael Bramus, the Italians were immersed in complete darkness (from 47 to 37) to 67-40). During this period, the Mets stole five huge balls, which then gave them the opportunity to develop quick play, and closed all entrances to the circle. Vincent Colette agreed, “They had a lot of trouble playing inside.” “We were very present in the field of aid, in the activity. We won the battle of aggression. It is very clear that our third quarter can serve as a defensive reference in our season.”

Bandja Sy, Shadow Champion

Finally, Altoséquanais’ cool set can allow them to survive in this type of cleaver match. The eight players Vincent Colette used for 20 minutes scored between 8 and 14 points, with special reference to Vince Hunter (14 units on 5/10, 10 rebounds, 1 pass and 1 piece). “He was huge: when he’s at that level it helps the team a lot,” said Lahau Konate. Most surprisingly, it was the professional player least used almost in the evening (12 minutes for Bandja C) who symbolized the debauchery of Ile-de-France energy in the evening. Exiled former Partizan Belgrade received public congratulations from his leader and coach. “He didn’t play much but he was great when he was there,” the technician Norman applauded, noting in particular his effect on offensive rebounds (2 and 6 rebounds in total) or on passing lines. “He’s been on the field for 12 minutes but given the level he’s played at, the team hasn’t fallen an inch. That’s key.” Especially in light of a particularly ‘exciting’ quarter-final, said Vincent Colette, next week in Valencia. In an open table of the Four Winds, this defensive intensity, this collective strength and this serenity could allow Metropolitan 92 to dream of a formidable destiny in this competition. After all, the final coronation is now three small victories away…

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