How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode (Forgot Passcode)

There are different ways to unlock iPhone. But if you decide to rely on biometrics, you will have to specify a digital code. However, if you forget this code, there are at least two solutions to unlock your phone.

Be careful, as this will have the same effect on your phone: it will cause its content to be deleted. However, it will be possible to bring an old backup to find your data. Provided you have one, of course.

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Unlock your iPhone with a computer

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The first solution is relatively simple. It involves using your Mac or Windows PC to unlock your iPhone.

To do this, you will need two things: a computer and a cable. And then? All you have to do is connect your phone to your computer and put your iPhone into DFU mode.

Here are the steps specifically to follow:

  • Connect the locked iPhone to your computer;
  • Run iTunes if it is a Windows PC;
  • Open Finder if your Mac is running Catalina or better*;

* Since macOS Catalina, iTunes is no longer present on Macs and is integrated directly into the Finder.

Then put your iPhone into DFU mode. If you have an iPhone X or one of the following models, the procedure to follow is relatively simple. Il faut éteindre le téléphone, appuyer une fois sur le bouton volume+, appuyer une fois sur le bouton volume- et laisser ensuite le bouton d’alimentation enfoncé jusqu’à ce qu’apparaisse forme d’antân pictogram computer.

From there, you no longer need to touch your iPhone and you will then have to focus on what is happening on your Mac. or a Windows PC.

On a Mac, just click on your iPhone’s name in the sidebar. On the right, two buttons will appear: Update And iPhone reset. It will of course be necessary to click the second to start restoring the iPhone. All content on your phone will then be deleted. And after a while, you will see the appearance of the first start wizard. All you have to do is follow all the steps to format the device and then download the latest backup.

So of course, if you make a backup before storing your iPhone, you will find all the files you had at that exact moment. But if not, you are likely to miss some photos or some videos.

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Use the location service

The second method is to unlock iPhone using Find My . service

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Now suppose you have neither a Mac nor a Windows PC. Or most likely you don’t want to bother putting your iPhone into DFU mode.

Well, don’t worry, you have another option: go to the locator service.

Available in its current form since 2019, Locate lets you keep track of all your Apple devices. His iPhone of course, but also his iPad, his Mac, or even his AirPods. Not to mention AirTags.

And of course, this service includes a full set of tools to enable you to respond quickly in the event of loss or theft. Including one in particular would be very useful for us in case we forgot our code.

The latter will actually allow you to erase the content of your iPhone remotely. Thus to blow up the blade that it lacks. Once again, it is important to emphasize that the procedure will have a removal effect all info is on your device.

If you’re OK with that, grab a second iPad, iPhone, or even your Mac and launch Find My. In the left column, select your iPhone. It would, of course, be necessary for the latter to be in a state of tension. Then look for the “Erase this device” option. Apple will ask you to confirm your choice. Do that and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

After a few minutes, your iPhone will be completely cleaned and the usual wizard will start allowing you to format your phone. You can then bring an old backup on it to find your precious files.

This method is very simple, but it is subject to one condition: it will be necessary to use the same iCloud account as the one configured on the phone.

And then?

These two methods are not the only ones. There are others. However, these are the easiest to implement for the general public. By the way, it also shows how important it is to make regular backups. Otherwise, you will actually lose your photos, videos, and documents in the process.

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