Horseback riding, sailing and golf: a sports-study campus created in the Deauville region

Young people from Académie Delaveau will be integrated into this campus to study sports in the future. © Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Mill

On the lands of Deauville, for three years, Delavo Academy Academy creator Sabrine Delavo welcomes young riders “with the idea of ​​offering training in sporting excellence to all those young people who want to become professional riders, while also achieving their academic goals.” We were able to achieve this goal, for example we have a female contestant who was the French junior champion and got the baccalaureate.”

Building on this pioneering work that has already begun, this momentum will soon take a new step with the arrival of DeauvilleIkigai education. Pioneer since 1995 in the study of private sports in France, this group opens a new campus for sports study and a school with working hours organized around it Deauville (Calvados). Target? It accommodates approximately 100 resident and one-day students on this campus over the next three years.

Between academic success and sports practice

“Our mission is to get the tailor-made schools that make unique projects successful, beginning Fabian GrouponChairman and Group CEO. Once a young person has a passion, a need for the time or geographical availability to play music, dance or sports, we create the school that allows him to ramp up his schedules and teach remotely.” Fabian Groupon takes pride in over 20 years of experience in the sport, having extensively passed Notable Roland Garros, the World Equestrian Games in Caen, or as General Manager of the French Stade, brings a new educational offer to Deauville.

concretely, Ikigai education A boarding school campus that “combines academic success with intense athletic practice” will open in Deauville. Three sports will be introduced in this “Academy of Sports Studies”In partnership with local structures: Riding At the Pôle International du cheval, in partnership with the Académie Delaveau, golf With Golf Barrière de Deauville and navigation With the Trouville Club. To accommodate the lessons of these future students, about forty, the group will have at its disposal the premises of the former Gustave Flaubert Group of Schools, in Coteau. The group began recruiting professors to work on campus.

Hillside School
Classes will take place at the former Flaubert school in Koto. © Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Mill

In terms of housing, these young people sleep in a dorm Pierre and Holidays From downtown Deauville, while waiting for work to be carried out within the school group to fit the rooms with some sixty beds. The transportation system will allow them to move between their homes, school and various sports venues.

Today, in sport perhaps the most powerful transmission of values: effort, discipline, management of victory and defeat, collegiality, respect for others … all that allows you to live in society in a very positive way.

Philip Auger

“Get a full view”

next to this “Academy of Sports Studies”, Ikigai Education Group will also present a file “the school”, “To all foreigners in Pai Doug”. Concretely, it will provide young people with the possibility to organize their days by adapting them to extracurricular activities, including artistic and sports activities not covered by the study of sports. This time staying at home and extracurricular activities in the respective clubs. “Every afternoon we will introduce three hours of English in Oratory, Speaking, Vocabulary and English Exam Preparation,” adds Fabian Groupon. A point the Mayor of Deauville insisted during his discussions with the group. “The first question for young parents who come to settle is how is the teaching and is there bilingualism,” notes the city councilman, who is totally fascinated by this sports campus:

We are expanding our entire school offering, and this is important at a time when sociology in our country is in the process of organizing itself differently regionally: people are leaving big cities, and settling in medium-sized ones. And to ensure the attractiveness of the area, you need a full width.

Philip Auger

Sports studies with ikigai education

Fabien Groupon insists that the Ikigai Education Group (formerly the Academy of Sports Studies), as pioneer in private sports studies in France since 1995, has seen the passage of about 20,000 young people, including 1,500 high-ranking athletes. For example, they directed the education of Pierre Gasly, Richard Gasquet or Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The group develops two types of activity. First from B to B, it “creates white-label schools for clubs, federations and major professional academies. For example, we run the girls’ academy in Paris Saint-Germain, and young footballers in OL, OM, Paris FC or Toulouse FC. Other disciplines are affected. , such as cars, dancing, basketball, or even recently horse riding.

Another major activity of the group, from B to C with the development of different types of schools: five “Sports Etudes Academy” (indoor campus), “Schoolency” (a school with flexible working hours in the day school) and “Studence” (after – baccalaureate school) in vocational training).


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