Episodes 1-3 – Bird’s Wing – Girls’ Golf Story

It’s real golf. I’m talking about the back alley ball teams’ backhands. It’s not your father’s golf course. Bring your rackets and plaid pants to the town hall and bury them and yourself six feet under the driveway. It is the sport of kings, written in the blood of your enemies. flay their limbs. Spread them on your masts like Vlad’s sunscreen. You are the lord of links. He loosened your corner in the formation of Hephaestus. Your driver is carved out of a Yggdrasil box. Irons are irrational numbers. Your T-shirts are the bones of any loser who has outgrown the level. never seen s. You are an ornithologist of the top nine. You punched a former sailor in the ribs and hung this albatross around your neck like a feathered boa. They will have to invent new birds for the types of shots you receive. It’s real golf. I’m talking about quicksand traps that push sand and dirt through granular teeth. Pull the polo shirt over your crown and paint your face with the insides of the box. You have a suitcase full of wood and 18 holes to fill. Go club and hit some balls into oblivion. You are the evil apparition that strikes terror into every pitiful soul that comes out of the basement. You are playing golf now. God bless us all.

The previous paragraph was my weak attempt to simulate the experience of watching the first episode of Bird’s Wing – The Golf Girls’ Story-. If you liked this, read no further and boost the show. I promise you it will be worth it whatever your relationship to this sport. And if you’ve already figured it out, or just want to keep reading anyway, I humbly welcome you to the high-octane underground LPGA world.

flying wing, in one sentence, speaks of the electrical intersection of two miracles placed on opposite ends of the life of the bonds. On one hand, we have Aoi Amawashi, born and raised in athletic royalty, who represents the pinnacle of pure excellence and raw talent in one heartbreaking package. On the other side we have Eve, an orphan who has learned to survive on the bad streets by promoting her amazing sporting style against other gamblers looking to make a quick buck in the world of illegal golf betting. When these potential competitors collide, sparks fly, just like golf balls.

The anime, cleverly, focuses on Eve in its opening presentation, because her story is by far the most ridiculous, fun, and accessible one. You don’t need to know the rules and protocol of golf to appreciate the sight of her crushing her opponents with blows hard enough to shatter bones. It’s funny, but it’s just as funny because of the way the show plays out completely. The audience is bound to be interested in golf because golf is the most important activity in the world of this series. It’s big enough for Eve to be equipped with advanced spy technology to replace an injured star player. It’s big enough that Eve can support a group of adorable orphans just on her illegal earnings. It’s big enough for Eve to get a grueling sepia edit as she poses in front of the camera like an indie rock singer staring into the distance in deep contemplation — and it all happens in the first episode. There are no breaks on this golf train.

Arguably the most important influence on flying wing he is Osamu DisakiLegendary animated adaptation of Sumika YamamotoShoujo Tennis Classic Manga Aim for the ace!. It’s a show I wish I was more familiar with (i.e. I was dying for someone to let it happen), but its impact rippled across everything from Gunbuster to Keigo!!!!!!!! Dezaki’s trademark is his stylized packaging of extreme melodramatic hues. He takes sorority drama with the same seriousness as he gives the French Revolution. It all comes back to execution, and during that flying wing You can’t hold a candle in the eye of its director (and few modern anime can), the soul remains. There’s even a nod to Dezaki’s style in “Postcard Notes” toward the end of the premiere, accompanied by Eve’s blunt admission that she’s not a professional, she “just hit[s] Ball with a stick to earn money. I can’t tell you how much I love this stupid anime.

While the premiere is a monster on its own, the two follow-up episodes weren’t slack either. Aoi in particular was a fun addition and a good chip for Eve’s intentional scraping. She is obsessed with golf, but Aoi kills with her enduring beauty. This contrast extends to their playing styles as well, with Eve favoring bold driving with brute force while Aoi executes precise strategic strikes. Once again, exaggeration is key here, as it turns golf from a grueling and mystical experience into a bloody duel between gladiators on the green lawn. It also leads to fun moments like Aoi introducing herself and her 4ft club with the hits, hentaiSpecific supervision. Meanwhile, Eve’s gimmick was a rainbow in color, and she couldn’t help but talk about her opponent’s penetration and/or penetration. Like any sports anime worth its salt, the rivalry between Eve and Aoi is just as romantic as anything else. I don’t care if they actually hinted strongly that the two are long-lost sisters. Subtext is always more powerful than text.

Plus, I hope the series never stops digging deeper into this golf-obsessed criminal syndicate, and my hopes are high given that Eve made a mysterious Faustian deal to play in the tournament against Aoi. Rose, who looks like a sassy capo in many ways, seems to have an agenda of her own, and I wouldn’t trust her as much as I can do. My best guess now is that she’s using the tournament as a way to “advertise” Eve’s existence to other golf enthusiasts around the world, with the ultimate goal of using Eve as his butler to trick them into getting as much money as possible. Considering we’ve already seen Eve shorten the brains of every average golfer who deals with it, it makes sense that the story presents characters who aren’t balanced enough to pose a challenge. This plot will also have a nice synergy with Eve’s immediate willingness to sell her body for a chance to play one round of golf with Aoi. It actually happened, and it’s just one of a dozen crazy things that have happened this week.

I don’t know who was asking for an animated version of Happy Gilmore, but your prayers have somehow been answered by one of the most promising female sports series I’ve seen in years. And I’m not kidding. As much as I praised his absurdity, flying wing It is a tightly written and legitimate story, filled with colorful characters and an ever-expanding world. He generously borrows broad thematic hits about competition and self-fulfillment from other successful sports shows and films, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from the classics. In fact, his strong fundamentals only make his absurdity even more so. Eve’s blue bullet blew me away, and I want more. Let the golf season begin. before !


Bird’s Wing – The Golf Girls’ Story- Currently broadcasting on
Crunchy Roll.

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