Celebrities gather to help the victims

It is an unprecedented natural disaster. South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, of which Durban is the largest city, is emerging after being hit hard by bad weather that began on April 8.

Overall, KZN has survived the torrential rains that regularly fall on its neighbors like Mozambique or Madagascar, and KZN has experienced rainfall like the country was unknown for at least sixty years, resulting in deadly floods.

At least 448 people have died, according to a new report released on Tuesday evening, April 19. The first estimates of damage amount to several hundred million euros.

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“Let’s help the government to help the population”

Faced with such a situation, artists are moving. In a message posted on the social network Instagram on April 13, actor and choreographer Somizi Mhlongo (4.6 million subscribers) made the first call for help.

“I woke up with a sad heart because I know there are people who don’t have a good morning. I can’t stop thinking about what’s going on in KZN, the floods… I see it on Twitter, TikTok, everyone is talking about it. My question is: How can I help?”says Somizi Mhlongo.

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South African celebrities such as rapper Casper Neuvist (5.5 million subscribers), businesswoman Sean Mkhize (2.2 million subscribers) or DJ Terra (2.8 million subscribers, followers on Instagram), have challenged to donate to Gift of the Givers, the largest NGO Disaster relief based in South Africa.

Continues in a video: “I know the government is doing something, let’s help the government help the people of KZN.” It is proposed nothing more and nothing less than to organize a useful concert at Musa Mabeda Stadium in Durban (85,000 seat stadium). All proceeds will be donated to KZN flood relief funds. specially.

Silence of Elon Musk

South African-born actress Charlize Theron (6.8 million followers on Instagram) has expressed her dismay at the disaster in her home country. She appealed for donations to help victims through her foundation, the Charlize Theron African Outreach Project (CTAOP), which was founded in 2007.

On the contrary, other South African stars remain absent from subscribers. Trevor Noah “South African comedian”, According to his biography, Twitter (11.7 million subscribers), Instagram (7.4 million subscribers) and the US “Daily Show” star did not speak up. Nothing more than Elon Musk, who was born in Pretoria. The man with a personal fortune close to $275 billion ForbesSouth Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP) is approximately $301 billion, as mentioned African youth A few months ago – it was surprisingly quiet.

However, this is not due to the lack of demand from users from South Africa. One of the most famous influencers in the country, sure Mr. Smegchallenges him: “Hi @elonmusk, please help raise money for KZN, South Africa”. else, LOVUEwriting :

«Mphoethi [« mon frère », en bantu] elonmusk, i am south african. I heard you were born here. We were hit by a severe storm last week in KZN and nearly 500 people died, people lost their homes and everything they owned. Can you buy South Africa or donate? »

But Elon Musk clearly has his head elsewhere, all about trying to take over Twitter.

Demand transparency in the use of funds

Faced with the scale of the disaster, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a state of national disaster on Monday, which should allow the release of extraordinary resources.

Ramaphosa, who made fighting corruption one of his main concerns, promised that public funds for flood victims would not be lost. “By drawing lessons from the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are bringing together various stakeholders to establish a supervisory structure, to ensure that all funds are disbursed. (…) It is calculated correctly and that the state gets its money’s worth”did he say.

This promise of transparency comes after the results of a report were published Special Investigations Unit Who examined public contracts to combat Covid. Its investigation showed that more than half of the 5,467 contracts for the purchase of equipment or services in the context of the fight against the epidemic led to embezzlement, estimated at 830 million euros.

Despite Ramaphosa’s pledge, many South Africans are skeptical that public funds for flood relief are not being drained by corruption. A petition was launched on Change.org to demand transparency in the use of funds collected. On Wednesday, at 5 pm (Paris time), she had collected 8,000 signatures.

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