Will Cummings, MVP face is good… but don’t tell him about it

“In my opinion, he simply deserves to be voted Player of the Season.” Signed by Lahaou Konaté, the report has the advantage of clarity and is shared privately by everyone at Metropolitans 92, if not nearly by the main interested party itself. Cup MVP? Will Cummings answered, directly dodging the question. Words that contrast with those of his main rival, Brandon Jefferson, are more direct (or honest?). He declared ten days ago in L’Equipe columns: “I want to get the best player, it’s a real goal.” “For me.” So others would be interested in Lobby instead of Cummings. “I would put him as the best player indeed,” says Sacha Giva, assistant coach at Boulogne Levallois. . »

Saturday, in Strasbourg, during the defeat in the Ile-de-France region (81-87) which allowed Monaco to reclaim the first place in the Betclaik Elite, Will Cummings (1.86m, 29) didn’t have much to scold himself for (22 points on 7/13, 2 rebounds and 3 assists), apart from an unusual fever (5 stray bullets). A performance in line with his performance this season, he is at times unplayable, both in Betclic ÉLITE (16.8 points 51%, 2.3 rebounds and 5.1 assists) and in the EuroCup (17, 4 points, 50%, 3.5 rebounds and 4.7 assists)) . “He carries us on his shoulders in both competitions,” said Lahau Konate.

“The speed of execution is reminiscent of the great NBA leaders”

Listening to Will Cummings’ talk, this season seems to be his outlet after two years of frustration in Russia. Leader of Lokomotiv Kuban between 2019 and 2021, he was not met in Krasnodar, far from his family, as well as weighed down by disappointing results during his first season. “I chose Metropolitan 92 because I wanted to be happy,” he says. “I wanted to make sure I enjoy European life, and not just get a job in Europe. The goal was achieved because I am enjoying here a lot more than I have in the past two years. You can’t imagine a breath of fresh air being in Paris after all this time in Russia.. .”

And mathematically speaking, he also felt the desire to have his own team, to be the boss in the end. “That’s what he expected,” confirms Sasha Geva. “He wanted to show everyone his level. Every time, he would back up someone.” From Scotty Welbecken, in Darushavaka Istanbul, during a season that allowed him to win the European Cup (in 2017), then from Mantas Kalnitis and Nigel Williams Gus at Lokomotiv Koban. Only once did he actually get the keys. He was in Germany, under the colors of Oldenburg, in 2018/19. “After Darussafaka where you had to blend into a role, it was a strategic decision to live a year of freedom and fully play my game,” he explains. Free So much so that he won the German Footballer of the Year award (20.5 points, 50%, 3 rebounds and 4.3 assists) or what he wanted to reproduce in the Mets, after the frustrating break for Krasnodar. “Boulone-Levallois is a bit like Germany’s approach.”

In 47 games with the Mets, Cummings has dropped below 10 points just four times
(Photo: Lillian Bourdon)

By joining Hauts-de-Seine, Will Cummings also had the certainty of developing under the orders of the coach he really wanted. Since SIG cited in the 1/16 final of BCL in 2017 (21 points and 5 assists in the first leg in particular), when he was playing at Aris Salonika, the Normandy technician wanted to do so in the future. “We’ve already discussed it before but it was never possible,” Floridian points out. A serious flirtation that over the weeks turned into a real relationship of trust. “We have an exceptional playmaker, who holds the house in a superb way,” the national coach rejoiced after winning in Monaco in January. “We get along very well,” the player adds. “We depend on each other because we often think the same thing.”

On the orders of Vincent Colette, after four years of actually making a move under the orders of David Platt in Istanbul, Will Cummings is approaching a European top. Sasha Jiva agrees, “He’s really advanced.” “Indeed, last year he killed us in the second leg (18 points). The impact he’s currently having is incredible, he’s leveled him up even more.” A former child of heart would list everything he admires in his hometown of Jacksonville: “His leadership abilities,” His “ultimate abilities for the big boys” – perhaps inspired by all his young years spent gazing at his idol Allen Iverson – the intelligence of his game, “an incredible speed of execution that makes you think of the great leaders you see in the NBA”…

It’s time for the big meetings

In other words, Boulogne-Levallois signed with Cummings one of the best recruiting moves of the summer of 2021 at Betclic ÉLITE. Appointing a real boss to drive, which was lacking last year with the checkered Brandon Brown under Mets version Jurij Zdovc. “Without willpower, there are a lot of matches you don’t succeed in,” Jiva points out. This allows Ile-de-France to be at the top of the tournament since the evening of October 17, the day of Asfael’s first defeat. Exactly six months of domination is not necessarily planned in the program, by virtue of the presence of the two-headed monster Monegasque-Villeurbannais, but this does not surprise the player. “Given the talent of my team-mates and coach, I knew clearly that such a season was possible from the start,” he said. “The whole thing was to turn all these individuals into a real group, which we were able to do. It’s even one of the best groups of guys I’ve ever known in my career.”

Cumming 1650311206.jpeg
Cummings doesn’t care much about the MVP title, and he doesn’t hide his ambition to be the French Champion
(Photo: Jack Cormarch)

If Will Cummings claims to be alive [sa] Best season from an individual point of view,” the former Temple student knows he will really be judged by the scale of big deadlines starting this week. On Wednesday, the Metropolitans 92 will host Venice in the European Cup Round of 16, a match they warned Vincent Colette From ‘sublimation.’ And the American would see himself doing a little personal double, even if the road to the final coronation was changed. ‘It’s very different than it was back then’, he sighs. ‘It’s one take, we wouldn’t have the right to make mistakes.’ . Anything can happen, it will be fun. Then it was time for the Betclic ÉLITE qualifiers, focusing on the first national title of his career, before another crossroads.

What to do at the dawn of his thirtieth birthday, at the time of ‘bonus [sa] A career”? Continuing to be “free” in a club of Metropolitans caliber 92, why not always in Levallois elsewhere, or trying to finally incorporate the exuberance of Europe, which he has never played in the Euroleague? “People are trying to talk to me about it.” But I don’t look to the future, I just focus on the present moment, I just want us to keep winning. Especially since the title would be far from undeserved for Captain Cummings’ team. “Whether we finished first, second or third in the regular stage, we were the best team so far this season,” he asserts. The best player in the best team, deserves the best player award. Even if that’s not really his priority, we understand that.

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