The war in Ukraine: “Putin cannot lose this war” and the nuclear option is frightening, according to Khrushchev’s granddaughter.

The Pentagon confirms that at least four US flights with defensive military equipment have arrived in Ukraine.

Does the Russian army have the means to “take control” of Donbass? If the goal of the Russian army is to capture this entire region by relying on the territory already controlled by Ukrainian separatists, then specialists are skeptical about the advance of troops on the ground, in the face of Ukrainian soldiers. A situation that is likely to escalate further because Putin will not let him go. But US President Joe Biden did not do that either.

ритания вскоре отправит ЗСУ бронированные пусковые установки Stormer HVM.

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комбинации с ракетами Starstreak британские РК обещают “ад” путинской низколетящей авиациции.

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At least four American planes with defensive military equipment have arrived in Ukraine in recent days, and a fifth will land in the country within the next 24 hours as part of the $800 million program to supply arms and military equipment announced by the Biden administration. This arms delivery was already confirmed during a press conference by a senior US defense official.

СУ отразили наступление в Рубежном и опасной ночью, – глава Луганской ОВА Сергей

врага десятки потерь, наши бойцы подбили беспилотник “Орлан-10” и тяжелую технику.

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For its part, Britain will soon send Stormer HVM armored launchers to the ZSU.

In short, these major maneuvers on the part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) could infuriate President Putin. Already, some Russian state television propagandists claim that Britain could be the first to launch a nuclear warhead in response to Russia. After all, nuclear rhetoric is on everyone’s lips, in both camps. Evidence that the conflict may deteriorate a little more and not fall into a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO. With the risk of a military escalation.

Nina Khrushcheva, granddaughter of the late Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, has warned that Russia may be willing to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Nina Khrushcheva’s “Nuclear” Concerns

Nina Khrushcheva, a professor of international affairs at The New School in New York, said she fears Russian President Vladimir Putin will deploy tactical nuclear weapons to claim victory in Ukraine.

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Since we do not know how far Russia can go to achieve victory, and nuclear weapons are part of the threats looming on both sides, Russian and Western, a tactical atomic option is likely to be possible.She told Newsweek, adding that her remarks “don’t predictThe granddaughter of the former Soviet leader told the BBC: “This war is really the war that Putin must win at all costs.” “This suggests that if he had to resort to tactical nuclear weapons to win, that option would still apply.“.

Lavrov rules out the possibility of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia, at this stage of the special operation in Ukraine, is only considering the option of using conventional weapons. “Conventional weapons onlyLavrov said in an interview with India Today when asked about the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

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But Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed on Tuesday that Russia had started a new phase in what it called a “special military operation” in Ukraine. “A new phase of this process has begun and I am convinced that it will be a very important moment in this particular process.Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with India Today TV channel. Statements confirming the statements of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday evening. Russia on Tuesday called on the entire Ukrainian army to “lay down their arms” and the last defenders of Mariupol to end their “foolish resistance”, a call that comes as Kyiv says Moscow has launched its main offensive in eastern Ukraine.

Just remember, for four years we had no threat of war, let alone a nuclear exchange, low inflation, and a post-COVID stock market boom. But, we had mean and salty tweets from Orange Man… so change was needed, my prince?

— Craig Kaffier (@CraigLNU) April 19, 2022

“Do not tempt fate, take the only correct decision, which is to stop military operations and lay down arms,” ​​the Russian Defense Ministry said, addressing the Ukrainian forces on Telegram.

Ukrainian forces will repel the first Russian attacks

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Because during this time, apparently in the last hours, the Ukrainian armed forces repelled the offensive of the Russian occupiers in Robyzhny and Popasna in the Luhansk region. According to the head of the Lugansk Territorial Military Administration, the Russians could have suffered significant losses. Apparently the same situation, in Rubezny and Popasna where Russian losses were counted in the tens.

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The town of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region also came under fire from the Russian attack. But both attempts were stopped by the Ukrainian armed forces. As a result of the bombing, a civilian was killed, several residential buildings were damaged and a gas pipeline was broken, according to the head of the Donetsk region administration, Pavel Kirilenko.

Near Avdiivka, the Russians reportedly tried twice to attack but both attempts were stopped by the Ukrainian armed forces. The bombing resulted in the death of a citizen, damage to a number of residential buildings and the destruction of a gas pipeKirilenko continued.

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