The crazy plan of an elected US official for Trump to regain power

Eighteen months after the presidential election, Donald Trump has not digested his defeat and continues to declare loud and clear in meetings or in interviews the illegality of Joe Biden. A conspiracy theory shared by the majority of Republican voters despite the events of January 6, 2021 and highlighting the authoritarian and anti-democratic tendencies of his administration.

To win the good graces of the billionaire and his base, elected Trumpists participate fully in this undermining business by competing for ideas to revive the myth of theft. Such is the case of Florida representative Matt Gaetz, a billionaire confidant and a member of America’s First Committee, who has unveiled a totally insane and completely legal plan aimed at introducing his godfather to the White House on a platter.

Donald Trump installed in the House

In the United States, the “medium term” (midterm elections) every two years. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are renewed, as well as one-third of the 100 seats in the Senate. This large electoral bloc, which will hold its next edition next November, often ends with the decline of the political camp in power, sometimes leading to a change of the majority in Congress. This is what Matt Gaetz relies on to implement his Machiavellian project.

For this plan to have any chance of success, the Republican Party must win this ballot and, ideally, take the House and Senate from the Democrats to secure complete control of the federal legislature. A perfectly doable move as Joe Biden and Democrats wrestle at the polls.

The second stage of Gates’ plan is to put the former president at the head of the House of Representatives by appointing him “president,” the position currently held by Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Since elected status is not mandatory for this job, Donald Trump will make no effort to do but wait for the green light from the neoconservative majority. However, he could not enjoy the political powers inherent in this task, and had to content himself with the role of manager in charge of the protocol and administrative function of the Chamber.

Undoubtedly, this sleight of hand will cause a huge political crisis. To avoid this, the billionaire could simply present himself in an area committed to his cause in Florida, his state of residence, before the June 2022 application deadline. He would then become an elected official like everyone else, could take on the entirety of the spokesperson and would benefit from a great power of inconvenience. . But Matt Gaetz sees further and larger.

“The speaker” is a strategic position

Being “chairman” in the House has a huge advantage that forms the cornerstone of the Florida Trump representative’s plan. Under the Presidential Succession Act passed by Congress in 1947 and signed at the time by then-President Harry Truman, the person holding the position is second in the order of presidential succession, behind Vice President Kamala Harris.

Donald Trump and his students will then be presented with two options: try to return to power before 2024 or wait until the next election. The first option would require a very large Republican majority in the Senate (at least 67 seats out of 100) to eliminate all opposition and remove Joe Biden and then Kamala Harris on spurious grounds. After that, he will become interim president until the next election. Impossible process.

The very fact that this idea was expressed publicly is indicative of the personality cult of the former president.

The second option is more realistic and more accurate. In the event of another defeat in the 2024 presidential election, Donald Trump and a majority of his members could refuse to hold the Electoral College vote certifying session, the famous procedure being interrupted on January 6, 2021 by Capitol rioters. However, there is no other mechanism, and this step is necessary, albeit purely formal.

What will happen next? Biden-Harris tandem term ends January 20, 2025 at noon under XXAnd Amending the constitution, control of the executive branch will return to the interim president – “the Speaker of the House of Representatives”, according to Presidential Succession Law As long as the House of Representatives refuses to count the electoral votes. And in the craziest scenario, Donald Trump (although defeated) may preside until the next presidential election, in November 2028.

Although the Gates plan, if implemented, would have little chance of success and might lead to a major constitutional crisis, it highlights some of the flaws and fragility in the political system of the world’s leading power. Above all, the fact that such an idea has been publicly expressed shows how much the former president’s personality cult in the conservative sphere and the underestimation of the electoral plot in the United States.

If the latter has at the moment publicly indicated that he is not very enthusiastic about this gambling (and the state), the past two years have shown us on several occasions that the unthinkable sometimes happens.

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