Stephen Curry, sixth man of the Warriors until when?

Coming off the bench in Match 1 against the Nuggets, Stephen Curry was able to calmly find the rhythm by relying specifically on the exploits of Jordan Ball, which Stephen Kerr initially kept. A perfect scenario for the Warriors, but it led to a real question in San Francisco Bay: When will Steve find his place as a property?

A month after injuring his foot, Stephen Curry opted to pick the ‘come off the bench’ option to come back, as was already the case in 2016 and 2018. In those two years, the sniper also struggled with blisters and returned to sixth man position for one game, before Naturally regains the starting position from the next encounter. Will the scenario be similar this year? No real indication has yet been sent by coach Steve Kerr regarding his player’s condition in game two. Of course, we all know Carrie will find the five at some point, and it remains to be seen when. The goal of Golden State is not only to allow Steve to gain strength but also to maintain the balance that exists at the end of the regular season, when the Warriors won five games in a row. Dubs is probably in a better position than anyone else to know that bringing a star player back to the five after a long absence can lead to real disruption.

“With Klay Thompson’s experience in mind, it was a lot easier to do what we did with Steph. We made the decision with him. It’s not like I made that decision. [tout seul]. I talked about it and we made the decision together. »

– Steve Kerr, via Bay Area Sports NBC

The Klay Thompson experience mentioned by Steve Kerr clearly points to the return of Splash Brother last January after two seasons. If logically constrained in minutes, the Gunner was instantly incorporated into the starting line-up five, because we’re still talking about Clay what. But despite the massive excitement that accompanied his comeback, Dubs had its ups and downs in the first few weeks after Thompson’s comeback. Modified turn, shifting role for some, difficulties for the back to find its rhythm, turbulent balance… In short, it didn’t go as smoothly as it could possibly be. Losses began to pile up on the Golden State’s side. Today, in the middle of the first round of playoffs, the Warriors clearly couldn’t afford the slightest air pocket, and therefore preferred to follow the same option that was made for Draymond Green just a month ago, the one who came off the bench for two games two months after being knocked out.

With Steve as the sixth man, Jordan Paul retained his starting point in Game 1 of the playoffs, issuing a pure performance for his impressive debut in the post-season. I’m not sure we would have deserved such a workout if he had started the game off the bench, even if Jojo has shown great adaptability throughout the year while the Splash Brothers are away. Big group performance could push Steve Kerr to leave in a similar format for the second meeting of the night against Denver, just to maintain that balance and thus maximize his chances of getting a 2-0 advantage before moving to Colorado. Game 3 could be a good opportunity to get Curry back in the middle of the start.

“I don’t really have any expectations for what’s coming. We’re trying to find solutions because it’s a very difficult situation in the sense that I consolidated quickly and we’re in the atmosphere/intensity interval. But I’ve learned a lot from watching Clay come back. There’s energy that comes with getting started, but there’s also the question of how Those minutes can have an even greater impact.”

– Stephen Curry

As I understand it, there are many factors that come into play in regards to getting Stephen Curry back in the Golden State starting lineup. Obviously the man form, but also the overall balance of the team and the scenario of the series against Denver. Unlike the regular season, the NBA playoffs leave little room for error and the Warriors seem to want to go gradually before the Carey-Thompson-Green death trio align once again. Just to remind you, these three have played… three games with the 2021-22 edition of Dubs.

Text source: NBC Sports Bay Area

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