Sixers have the best reads from Joel Embiid

The authors of a successful team performance against the Raptors in Game 1, the Sixers mainly relied on Tyrese Maxey (38 points) to cash in on the streak from the first round.

It must be said that Joel Embiid was well contained in attack, ending the match with 19 points and 5/15 on shots (but with 15 rebounds and 4 assists, 9/11 on free throws).

However, even beyond the usual scoring standards (30.6 points on average this season), the league’s top scorer had a positive impact on the Philadelphia game. In defense, as is often the case, but also in creation, as the Cameroonian has turned more into a “central point” to make Toronto pay for choosing to send him two strikes or chasing him too hard.

Non-scoring weight

Thus, Joel Embiid excelled in this role, as he finished the match without losing the ball and won the greetings of his teammates after the match.

He could accumulate 40 points and 15 rebounds whenever he wanted, and he probably did [dans le Game 1]But he took what the defense gave him and I think he makes our team more dangerous, and he plays that way “Estimated eg Shake Milton (10 points).” Not only do teammates get involved, but in addition, opposing teams may be more reluctant to send someone to help them.. So we will continue to serve him and he will continue to do the right thing. »

Between Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby, Scottie Barnes, Precious Achiuwa, Chris Boucher, Thaddeus Young and Khem Birch, Nick Nurse’s Raptors has the equipment to snag Joel Embiid in the paint. This is also one of the keys to this rather inconclusive series.

But if the Sixers hub can step up his entire team (starting with The role of the players), even when he’s not scoring as many points as he normally would, could make it more difficult for the already physically weak Canadian franchise.

Some people said he didn’t play well, but I found it [Joel Embiid] He had a great match, one of his best in the game for a long time Danny Green reacted, clumsy (0/5 to 3 points), but he made use of some good postures to shoot. ” he trusted [à ses coéquipiers]He made passes, found his teammates and remained offensively involved, time and time again. He took his time, was aggressive when needed, took his shots and enforced his determination by making mistakes. When he received the ball, he generally looked to establish play and serve his teammates. »

Joel Embiid is ready to cast out his old demons

Nearly three years after being defeated by Toronto in the conference semi-finals (17.6 points, 37% in shots, with 4.0 bullet losses…), Joel Embiid looks better equipped than before to take on the 2019 champions’ formidable defense, sure now. Without Kawhi Leonard, Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka in Front Yard.

Anyway, that’s the opinion of Shake Milton, also in the game at the time, and so he’s in a good position to discuss his All-Star teammate’s progress in the meantime.

He’s a much better passerby than he was in that series and you can see that “The player is judged from Philadelphia.” He takes peeks, gets the correct readings so we can get easy loops in the paint and that’s to his credit. He talks to us a lot to tell us where he wants us to be, where he’s waiting for us depending on the doubles he receives and we just try to be there and be ready. »

Game 2 between the Sixers and the Raptors is scheduled for tonight, still in Pennsylvania, and it will be interesting to note Joel Embiid’s mentality in this second round. Especially with a tighter rotation likely in the Canadian ranks.

Joel Embiid percent bounce
season equipped GM minimum shots 3 points LF on Dave in early time pd Ceremony Int baby CT points
2016-17 PHL 31 25 46.6 36.7 78.3 2.0 5.9 7.8 2.1 3.6 0.9 3.8 2.5 20.2
2017-18 PHL 63 30 48.3 30.8 76.9 2.3 8.7 11.0 3.2 3.3 0.6 3.7 1.8 22.9
2018-19 PHL 64 34 48.4 30.0 80.4 2.5 11.1 13.6 3.7 3.3 0.7 3.5 1.9 27.5
2019-20 PHL 51 30 47.7 33.1 80.7 2.8 8.9 11.6 3.0 3.4 0.9 3.1 1.3 23.0
2020-21 PHL 51 31 51.3 37.7 85.9 2.2 8.4 10.6 2.8 2.4 1.0 3.1 1.4 28.5
2021-22 PHL 68 34 49.9 37.1 81.4 2.2 9.6 11.7 4.2 2.7 1.1 3.2 1.5 30.6
sum 328 31 49.0 33.8 81.0 2.3 9.1 11.4 3.3 3.1 0.9 3.4 1.7 26.0

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