Relatives of missing sailors after the Moskva sinking demand “answers” from the Kremlin

Last Thursday, the Moskva, one of the flagships of the Russian fleet, sank in the Black Sea after being developed by two Ukrainian missiles. Since then, the Russian authorities have constantly underestimated these losses and hid the casualties, even ensuring the evacuation of the crew. However, some relatives of the disappeared no longer hesitate to publicly demand that the state be held accountable.

The reasons for the sinking of the Russian cruiser Moskva last Thursday in the Black Sea are no longer in doubt. If for the first time Russia mentioned a small explosion of ammunition on board, then it is now established that this flagship of the Kremlin fleet sank, having been hit the day before by two Ukrainian missiles “Neptune”. The fate of 510 of his crew still raises questions.

Five days after the shipwreck, when the Moscow regime began to acknowledge the first losses among its sailors, the families who left without news of their loved ones openly demanded that the state be held accountable. The guardian They published their testimonies on Monday.

“He was 19 years old, he was a conscript”

This is a new chapter in the communications war being imposed on the fighting between Ukrainians and Russians. The Russian Federation executive first claimed that the Moskva crew could have been rescued and evacuated before the sinking. But on Monday, it was already officially announced the deaths of two sailors. Among them is the son of Yulia Tsevova.

“Ils ne m’ont rien dit d’autre, je n’ai eu aucune information sur ses funérailles”, at-elle confié en larmes au Guardian par téléphone après que son gouvernement lui a confirmé qu’Andreï ne reviendrait pas de war. She added, “I’m sure he’s not the only one who lost his life. He was 19, and he was a conscript.”

Accuracy was all the more delicate because the Russian force swore to spare the lives of these young conscripts, who were mobilized without being professional soldiers.

Egor, the son of Dmitry Shkrypets, was also a conscript. He held the position of chef in Moskva. In a letter to the British daily he stressed that “a recruit – who is therefore not supposed to take an active role in combat – is among the missing. But how can someone be reported missing on the high seas?”

200 wounded in Qurum Military Hospital

The bereaved father goes even further in his questioning of the official letters: “They said the whole crew had been evacuated. But that’s a lie! A cruel and sarcastic lie.”

His wife, Irina, told independent Russian media insider Their visit to the Crimean hospital, where the wounded were sent in search of their son. A journey that did not allow them to find him and raises more questions than it gives them answers.

“We looked at all those burnt children. I can’t tell you how difficult it was, but we couldn’t find our son.” She coded “there were 200 there”: “But there were more than 500 people on board. Where did the others go?”

Not all relatives of the disappeared have the courage of the Shkripets, who say they have been contacted by three other families who wish to join their efforts. Even Dmitriy Shkrypets submitted his request in writing. He had already sent an official request for information on Igor’s fate to the enlistment office where he was recruited. “We need written answers to our questions about our children, not text messages with pictures and prayers,” he explained.

Amra’s rule

However, the Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday released a video that appears to show the meeting between Admiral Nikolai Yevminov, head of the National Navy, and Moskva sailors after the sinking. Among the dozens of sailors present during this scene, Iskander Djeparov was in any case lucky enough to get to know his brother Akbar, as he slipped into the guardian: “We were really happy to see him in this video of the crew in Sevastopol.”

He claimed that his family was even able to call him on the phone: “The day after the tragedy, he called our mother to tell her he was alive, that he was fine. There is no need to worry.” “He didn’t tell us what happened, and he doesn’t talk much.”

Far from the propaganda promoted by the Kremlin, it is Omerta who prevails in the ranks of his forces.

Robin Werner BFMTV journalist

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