Monaco does not tremble in front of the Paris Basketball Team at the Accor Arena

search. This is one of the most famous songs of rapper Orelsan, who in the past five days performed in Percy with a Limoges CSP jersey on his shoulders (!) It is also a commando job that is taking place to lead basketball in Paris. Before it was a match at the most beautiful French venue, the Accor Arena, this match against the Armada Monaco was above all a championship match. We can hardly forget it…

“Whether we’re playing at the Accor Arena or in the NCAA, it’s still basketball”

The NBA atmosphere, American songs, light effects and a half-time party for Ronecia, the 22-year-old Cape Verdean rapper… Basketball Paris once again made all stops to welcome over 8,500 people – not too loud -, two years after debuting First in Percy, in the Pro B Championship against Aix-Maurienne. Roca coach Sasa Obradovic salutes, “Playing in this kind of room is really a nice message that French basketball sends.” “I believe in the possibilities of the French championship in the future.” “Is there a Percy influence among the Parisians at the beginning of the meeting? I don’t think players are surplus spirit, answers Jean-Christophe Pratt, the Parisian coach. At the start of the match, I told them they shouldn’t be too much on an individual level but rather they should be individual through the group. Whether we’re playing at the Accor Arena or at the NCAA, it’s still basketball. »

The ability to organize such events that Team Roca inevitably drools, is still packed in Gaston-Médecin, despite the capacity increase to 4,000 places with development work carried out this summer. Sitting at the edge of the field, right in front of the scorers’ table, David Kahn, the Parisian president, surely envied the princely formation for having such a bloated workforce. Monaco had the luxury of leaving four of its members to rest (Mike James, Brock Motom, Rob Gray and Danilo Anjosic for three weeks), when Jean-Christophe Pratt had to tinker inside, as well as the absence of the new Parisian, DJ Funderburk, ineligible and embarrassed to sterilize their tonsils even before his arrival.

More than 8,500 people are in Bercy to support basketball in Paris. Joe has nothing to do with Halle Georges Carpentier, the usual place for Parisians.
(Photo: Lillian Bourdon)

‘We could have worried them more’

“When I saw the match sheet, I told myself that it would be a defensive match because the top four strikers were at rest, assures Jean-Christophe Pratt, the Paris coach. With these players, it might be another game and the result will not be the same. We respected the game plan well. Very defensively, we tried to trap them at the low post, and we have to maintain this level of requirements and succeed in moving them over time.”

this is the problem. Being able to compete with Team Roca in certain gameplay sequences, the up and coming Parisian lacked consistency and realism to make their evening guests suspicious. Especially at the end of the first quarter and after returning from the locker room (-16, 46-62, 28′). “We could have worried them more, this shocks the Parisian technician. We have high expectations for this type of match and we didn’t move the ball enough. There is more size and experience up front and if you want to beat them you have to move the ball and then attack them physically.”

Ismael Camagat, with a domineering counter on Alpha Diallo from the start and an offensive foul by Donatas Motiejunas, is still amazed at his ability to rub shoulders with the interiors sealed in the Euroleague. Only a small problem: He made his third and fourth mistakes too quickly to change the face of the meeting. Ryan Powright was sticking to the money time with a 3-point string multiple (65-71, 38 min). But that wasn’t enough because ASM was very clearly a step up.

l-as-monaco-not-tremble-against-le-paris-basketball-al-accor-arena1647806464.jpegWith Donatas Motijonas and his nine points, Team Roca was the sovereign on the inside.
(Photo: Lillian Bourdon)

Leo Westerman’s Beautiful Tribute to Dwayne Bacon and Alpha Diallo

“We have to control better at this end of the match and avoid a little fear, whatever plagues Leo Westerman. There is a contradiction between slowing the game down and not moving fast enough and we fell into idle but took big shots to get out of it.” With a well-distributed mark, AS Monaco also scored more of half his points in the paint (44, compared to 28 for Paris), while significantly limiting the Parisian payback game (only 9 units in the counterattack). Enough to take advantage of the Metropolitans 92 setback in Limoges to return to the Metropolitans 92 in the race for first place.

“Dwayne (Bacon) is a phenomenon in terms of scoring, Leo Westermann confirms, especially ex-Barcelona, ​​CSKA Moscow, Fenerbahce, and therefore he used to play with the greatest players of the old continent. He has the body, he is athletic and he is amazing in 1v1. In terms of pure talent, I rarely play with such a strong player in Europe.Alpha (Dialo) is our accelerator, he can do a lot of things on the pitch.He can go from 1 to 4th. It’s a pleasure to have a player who can do everything. “Diversity will not be much for Roca, which is likely to play four matches in five days, between the Euroleague and the top eight in the Coupe de France. For its part, Paris is still waiting for better days in its quest to maintain…

At the Accor Arena (Paris),

l-as-monaco-does-not-tremble-against-le-paris-basketball-al-accor-arena1647806652.jpegSoon, Ismail Kamagati was punished for the mistakes, and he was still in his favour.
(Photo: Lillian Bourdon)

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