Fabian Courtel, from the Saran Loiret Handball seat to the Limère golf green

between regional and even national sizes, An intruder slipped On the list of participants in the Grand Prix de Limère during this Easter holiday: Fabien Courtial!

Handball coach Saran Loiret Handball has taken advantage of the international break ‘and a week’ to register for the event and Rub with gratin. “Because Lemer is also the club I play for,” admits the person who discovered the pleasures (and the torments of the white ball!) six years ago.

Valuable win for Saran Loart in handball

“Cover anything, there A little nervous at first ‘, explains the person who broke it in the Starligue games (D1 of handball). The night is shorter too.

“Saturday morning, I was woken up at six while my departure was at 9:30. Just like the nights before the games. But there, the adrenaline was more positive. I was like an impatient and excited kid.”

Fabian Kortschall (handball coach Saran Luart)

But everything went fine. “I tried to play hard, so as not to explode when it was hard,” he admits, even if a quadruple bogey came on Sunday and a triple, yesterday Monday, April 18, to distort three cards, quickly improved. of three birds (81, 87, 85).

“For my level (index of 8.8), I played well,” he was satisfied before grumbling, Like any self-respecting golferon missed shots “tough flags and three times on the last day. Pascal Proust’s photo

Successful cut, missed recovery

Fabian Cortial remains humble because he has achieved a real performance pass the wound, Sunday evening, which only allowed the first 45 (out of 90) to compete in the third and final round. Which was not planned at all!

With 8:30 a.m. departure on Monday, Cannot be present on appeal To train his players! “On the program, it was a bodybuilding session that was done by the physical trainer. Absolutely my presence is not necessary, but I should have been there,” laughs coach Saranesi, who presided over the morning of his career and the afternoon session. “I apologize to the players!” Who congratulated him? “No, rather roomy!”

Mentally tough sport

Fabian Courtial does not know if she will have the opportunity to compete in the Grand Prix. But his passion for golf grew stronger. And he talks about it like all green addicts. “First of all, it’s an activity that I can do without risking hurting myself. The last time I exercised intensely, I got an Achilles tendon…”, explains-Hu.

“The second thing that excites me is that it’s a very difficult sport mentally. There’s, in this Grand Prix, three days of focusing on every shot, managing your frustrations because the ball didn’t go where you wanted it to go and it didn’t catch on when it went the way you wanted it, it’s exciting. mentally”.

Fabian Kortschall (handball coach Saran Luart)

This approach to golf also serves him in his job. “Oui, j’ai l’impression que ça m’apporte, notamment au niveau de la gestion du stress. Et puis, un entraîneur ne débranche jamais vraiment. Et, quand je suis au golf, je suis focus sur ma partie et, in my head, I’m out on the handball level. “

A clear similarity between handball and golf

Fabian Courtiel also sees “another similarity between handball and golf”. “It’s knowing how to reduce the weak times when you are in the hard times, accepting the bad blow and not trying to do something incredible that rarely succeeds in recovery. So also Learn how to improve a good shot with a bird. “

And then, in golf, you have to remain humble, Nothing is certain,” he adds. Even if things go well at some point, you know very well that things can turn quickly. Permanent alert. There is no certainty. And when I don’t say anything, I don’t really mean anything…”

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