Chartrand ends the second stage with his first victory over Poitiers

C’Chartres BM’s men opened their counter. On Monday evening, facing the laid-off Poitevins and making sure they took second place, the locals, penultimate of Group A at kickoff, were able to carry out the replay, winning 83-75 in front of an audience in the hall. Jean-Cochet is scattered but relaxed.

In the face of Angers, three days ago, they touched her. Up front, two minutes from the bell (78-77), they ended up lowering their flag against the French N1 champion in the final 0-6 (78-83).

On this Monday evening, the Chartres showed a completely different face than that shown on Friday, in the same Jean Cochet Hall. On the instructions of Sebastien Lambert, who, in the wake of Angers’ setback, denounced the “lack of investment in his players”.

In front of the Poitiers, C’Chartres Basket Masculin ends on a high note

Sencanski takes over from Thalien

But on Monday evening, the CCBM was able to count on a real leader, strictly speaking: Kevin Tallin. He who took three quarters to set sights on the long distance in front of the EAB, flew over the debates with 4/6 which set the tone for the first half which was generally dominated by Sebastien Lambert’s men (43-31), well aided by the painfully clumsy Poitevins (8 /27 to 2 points and 3/13 to 3 points).

The familiar lack of competence that had the knack of keeping Chartres under pressure, realizing that the return of the first-leg winner in Wien (77-62), and even who came without much ambition, remained possible: “Tonight, we managed to run even if we had Limited depth on the bench (only 8 players on the match sheet). Tallinn, top scorer of the match (21 points, 5/9 with 3 points) welcomed.”

End of CCBM accounts

With a rediscovered mindset, he and his partners resisted a favorable third quarter start for visitors, who were more prepared. From 43-31 to 43-36, the gap narrowed once the locker room returned. This is where the second stage of the charter rocket began: Dejan Sencanski. With his sore but now magical wrist, the Serbian gave his partners a breath of fresh air (46-36, 23 min). Best player of the match in the rating, Cognaçais polled winning shots (5/9) and allowed CCBM to gain 21 points at the start of the last quarter (77-56, 32′).

Round of 16 vs Serge Pontoise

But you cannot erase a streak of defeats that lasted more than a month with the back of your hand. Captured by their free-throwing demons (only 19/33, at 57%), the locals quickly saw the second in group A, pounced on them with 0-12 dyspepsia (77-68, 35 min) and even came close to him at 6 units (79-73, 37 min).

But in the same place where they often failed during this nightmarish phase 2, the “Captain Pat” partners were able to secure this first success that was not as symbolic as that (83-75).

With two extra points in their pocket, CCBM finished seventh in Group A. From the qualifiers (Editor’s note: Rematch on April 30th, big possible on May 1st.)

A poster that looks affordable against the second in Group B. In this part of the table, which is the most delicate on paper, the two charterers will meet winner Lorian Andrezio in the quarter-finals. For qualification only. Because they come from afar…

David Berthelem

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