Basketball: near the “Remontada”, JDA Dijon failed by four points behind Paris Basketball

On the floor of the Paris Basketball Court this Tuesday, April 19th, JDA Dijon didn’t finally achieve a “remontada” worthy of the name in an impressive final quarter (87-83).

In the race for the playoffs at the end of the season, JDA Dijon has no right to go wrong. And on the parquet floor of Halle Carpentier in Paris, facing Betclic Elite, Tuesday 19 April 2022, Nenad Markovic’s side had to raise their level of play against Portel, so that they would not return with a defeat.

Seeking its part to secure its maintenance among the elite, the Parisian basketball game was in attendance and posed many problems to Dijonne who was clumsy at long distances and too quick on the penalty kick due to fouls in the second quarter.

With one less player in between, Charles Galliot affected by the coronavirus, the whistles didn’t have to pile up so much to risk seeing Dijon run out of laps over the course of the match but also more directly, look at the Parisians collecting points on the free-throw line.

Parisians more in rhythm

In this first part of the match, JDA Dijon was also saddled with his title (11/30 including 3/16 on three points, versus 16/27 including 5/11 on the Parisian side). The score gap in favor of Paris in the first half (45-34) was not irreparable but the Dijon basketball players no longer had to drag out the situation and correct it. For their part, the Parisians were able to rely on the skill of Gauthier Denis in the first quarter before relying on Kyle Allman (25 points in the end) and pivot Ismail Kamagat (19 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks), which made forget the absence of Johann Bejarin or Axel Tuban.

Faced with more rhythmic and dynamic Parisians on both sides of the floor, the Dijon players were struggling, the kind of attitude that has discouraged optimism about a possible return for Jeanne. And when Dijon wanted to start a comeback by fighting at the opponent’s racket in the middle of the third quarter, he was overtaken by team errors and slowed by his shooting zeal.

Abdullah’s long-range blaming shot on the bell could count a lot in the score. It was still necessary for JDA to produce a final quarter of high intensity to gradually pick up the score and be able to snatch victory (66-57).

Victory escapes Dijon

JDA Dijon regained speed and intelligence, with important shots from long distances falling on Robin Ducoté and David Holston. Even then, on a bad evening, the Dijon leader was the equalizer at 71-71, just before a few possessions later to give his team a three-point lead after an interception and then Panderella from long distance (76-79).

While Kyle Allman had just added two free throws, 82-81 with 44 seconds left, the win remained hesitant but the referee turned more to the side of Paris after the siren whistled at David Holston and less than 24 seconds left. .

A new bug was mandatory to stop the clock and this allowed Kyle Allman to score two new points. At 84-83, after 10 seconds of time, Dustin Silva made only one of his two free throws (85-83) but the rebound came back to him.
The basketball players in Dijon had to make another mistake and let the victory slip away. It is true that they were about to reverse the situation, but they also paid to get up too late against a rival team that somewhat frustrated the time of the money without exploding.

Dijon’s collective hasn’t toured like Portel last Friday. And the shooting skill at the end is less than 45% (30/67 including 12/37 from distance).

With this 13th defeat of the season and his record (17 vs 13 days), JDA Dijon remains in seventh place but can certainly forget about the idea of ​​collecting a few before the end of the regular season. Qualifying in the playoffs will be a tense obsession for fans until Day 34. Hopefully JDA Dijon secures it more quietly on the ground. Next match: CSP Limoges reception at the Palais des Sports in Dijon on Friday 29 April.

Alex Berther
Photo: Alex Berther

In Paris, Haley-Georges Carpentier, Paris basketball team beats JDA Dijon: 87-83 (19-20, 26-14, 21-23, 21-26)
Paris points: Allman (25), Kamagat (19), Denis (15), Powright (13), Siliva (7), Vonderbork (4), Barbic (3), Gendry (1), Diet (0, nn’t) ). played), Diawara (0, not played).
Dijon points: Holston (23), Simon C (10), Carrington (10), Ducotti (8), Alling (8), Weir (8), Lom (7), Gomez (5), Kelly (4), Camardin (0, not played).

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