Top 7 benchmarks for your PC

Benchmarks can provide a lot of useful information, letting you know if your device is working as it should, and whether you’ll be able to run specific resource-intensive games and utilities. Players, enthusiasts, and speedmasters can benefit greatly from benchmarks, but their use is not limited to these circuits. With the right benchmark, you can troubleshoot component issues, identify the most effective hardware upgrades, and save money by avoiding applications your PC can’t run, and that’s only the visible part of the iceberg.

The number of benchmark apps is staggering, so we’ve rounded up seven of the best apps in categories like Best All-In-One benchmark, Best Gaming benchmark, Best VR benchmark, and more.

Best All-In-One Benchmark: Novabench

With benchmarks for CPU, GPU, RAM, and disk speed, as well as temperature and battery monitors, Novabench is our top recommendation for the best overall benchmark. It’s also incredibly easy to use, allowing you to run a whole range of benchmarks with just one click. Additional tests and settings are also available if you purchase the pro version.

After Novabench is installed and running, you can easily run the entire series of tests by clicking Start Tests. Novabench will automatically run all of its tests and then give you the overall score, which you can compare on their website.

Best gaming benchmark: can you play it?

Can You Run It is an online standard that is one of the simplest on this list and one of the most useful. Our other favorite benchmarks aim to generate great numbers and provide actionable stats, while Can You Run It answers a specific question: Is your computer capable of running the games you want to play?

This benchmark allows you to choose the game you want to be able to play, after which you can download a lightweight benchmarking app. The app returns a report to Can You Run It and lets you know if your PC is up to it or not. Armed with this information, you won’t accidentally buy a game you can’t play, and you can make strategic upgrades to refresh your PC.

Best VR Standard: UNIGINE

UNIGINE is a heavy machine that includes a great GPU endurance test if you want to see what your PC can actually do, but we’re mostly interested in the virtual reality (VR) standard. Not sure if your PC can play VR games? UNIGINE’s VR Benchmark has you covered.

Like many of our favorite standards, UNIGINE comes in several different flavors. The main difference is that you only need to download the specific benchmark you’re interested in. Since we are more interested in virtual reality, the standard for free overlay is the go option.

After downloading the Overlay benchmark, you will need to run the VR Ready test in the Benchmarks section.

Best Lightweight Standard: User Standard

If you have an older system, or just want a quick and easy benchmarking experience, UserBenchmark is our pick for the best lightweight benchmark. This applet is fast to download and you don’t even need to install it. Simply run the executable and it will start measuring your PC’s performance right away.

Although surprisingly lightweight, this benchmark gives you results for your devices in three different usage scenarios: primary desktop, gaming, and workstation. You can also get total scores and scores for each of your components, such as CPU, GPU, and RAM. These numbers allow you to easily compare your computer’s performance with similarly equipped computers to identify potential problems.

Best 3D Benchmark: 3DMark

Many of our favorite benchmarks include 3D elements, but 3DMark puts special emphasis on this task and is an easy pick for the best 3D benchmark. This standard is aimed primarily at gamers, and all of its individual standards are designed to simulate games with 3D graphics. If you want to know if your device is capable of running modern resource-intensive games, then this benchmark is what you are looking for.

3DMark comes with many benchmarks, many of which are only available if you pay for the premium version. Since we are concerned with 3D performance, the free Time Spy benchmark is perfect. If your computer is able to run it, 3DMark will automatically place it front and center, allowing you to simply click RUN to start the process.

Once you run the benchmark, 3DMark presents you with a detailed results screen. It features Overall Score, Graphics Score, and CPU Score, helping you determine if your CPU or GPU might be holding you back in terms of 3D rendering. For more information, you can compare your results online.

Best Productivity Benchmark: PCMark

From the same people who gave you 3DMark, PCMark is our recommendation for the best productivity benchmark. If you’re looking to get hard numbers on how your system handles productive tasks like word processing, browsing the web, editing photos and video, and even opening apps, PCMark provides detailed information on all this and more.

A strong contender for the best all-in-one benchmark, PCMark’s only real downside is the fact that it’s a huge download and many of its tests are locked by purchasing the premium version.

The free version does a great deal of testing, however, it does provide almost as much information in a lot of different categories. Some users will find the results screen to be an overload of information, while others will be keen to appreciate the breadth and depth of the tests and results.

Best Free Benchmark: SiSoft Sandra

While many of our top picks hide their best features behind a firewall, SiSoft Sandra Lite offers everything you really need for free. It’s powerful system analysis, diagnostics, and very useful information if you’re just looking for a basic benchmark, and it includes a lot of features despite being free.

SiSoftware Sandra includes a large number of utilities and utilities, but it is the free standards that interest us. To access the free metrics, you need to select Benchmarks and then the overall score. From the benchmarks screen, you can also select a variety of individual benchmarks such as CPU, GPU, RAM, and more.

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