Is Shadows Die Twice the Best FromSoftware Game?

games of software It’s been a hit in recent years, introducing many players to the soul-like gaming style, a type of video game created by Epic »Evil spirits ‘, which has seen an incredible increase in the number of fans all over the world due to the high difficulty and dynamic storytelling without the need for scenes or player guidance.

Since its massive success, many video game developers have tried to copy or emulate FromSoftware’s game mechanics, creating very challenging games with a fighting style similar to Souls, but they fail to capture the same feeling and satisfaction they give when you drop it. Difficult enemy in some “dark souls”.

However, the “Demon’s Souls” games, the “Dark Souls” trilogy, “Bloodborne” and now the latest”elden ring They run the well-established FromSoftware formula, which while not bad, most of these games are quite similar with a few built-in changes like improvements in navigation or the flexibility of their characters.

Although “Elden Ring” is considered by many to be the upgraded version of all of the “Dark Souls” to combine its well-established formula with a vast open world, it shares the same mechanics, settings, and looks as the other games in the saga, making it a recurring theme. Among all this world of games similar to ‘Dark Souls’, FromSoftware has one that follows this formula but feels like a completely different experience:Sekiro: Shadows die twice “.

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In most FromSoftware games, the combat is almost identical. Players face an opponent where they have to wait for their attack to dodge or try to fend off an attack from their shield. Once the enemy has completed their attack, the player will have time to make their attack and thus be able to eliminate them.

In “Sekiro” this mechanic is completely different, although there is still a similar life bar to other Souls games, “Sekiro” has a position counter that plays a very important role in every encounter. The player will be able to block all attacks from other enemies, instead of just blocking.

As more attacks are reflected back to the enemy, this will fill his position meter. As soon as it is completely filled, the player will be able to perform a fatal blow, which instantly depletes the entire life bar of the enemy.

This fighting style requires a lot of skill from the players, forcing them to be more aggressive and active than any other FromSoftware games. The fight in Sekiro feels like an exchange of attacks between two skilled warriors looking to save their lives from anything.

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Another point in favor of “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” is its aesthetics. While the Souls Saga and “Elden Ring” games are set in medieval European-inspired fantasy worlds filled with ruined castles and heavily armored knights, Sekiro takes a radically different approach, moving away from the European inspirations of other games to a world based on Japanese culture.

The game’s structure, characters, enemies and story lead to a completely different environment than any other FromSoftware game, making the world of ‘Sekiro’ a refreshing breeze, which would be great for the developer to experience with a variety of other cultures or myths.

Navigation in “Sekiro” is also different from other games of the company, because although in “Elden Ring” players can already jump short distances and move themselves on a platform, in “Sekiro” players are given a hook with which they can reach high mountain heights It moves on the roofs of buildings.

Finally, in this title, you do not get better new weapons and armor as in other games, but instead, the player will have to collect upgrades for his prosthetic arm, which will turn his character into a more powerful weapon as he progresses in scale. who provide it. the story. “Sekiro” is definitely proof that FromSoftware can explore beyond the Souls formula and try new things while creating challenging and interesting games.

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