Departing on Monday from Nice, these gym fans are marching to Paris for the Coupe de France final and raising money for disadvantaged children.

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Iclo and Cindy walk for 20 days to reach the Stade de France.
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Departing on Monday from Nice, these gym fans are marching to Paris for the Coupe de France final and raising money for disadvantaged children.

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Cindy and iclo set themselves a crazy challenge during the Coupe de France final. Departing from Nice, they go to Paris on foot and raise money to make underprivileged children dream.

At a bend in the track, on the border between Villeneuve-Loubet and Roquefort-les-Pins, iclo and Cindy are seen sweating under the beautiful Easter sun. These two OGC Nice fans left the Allianz Riviera yesterday morning at 6:45 am with the aim of arriving at the Stade de France, in Saint-Denis, by 7 May, for the final between Gymnasium and Nantes. They say crazy, physical and generous project.

What made you work?

As a gym fan, I had the opportunity to experience powerful emotions. I fondly remember seeing the ray grass with the eyes of a child. I also have the opportunity to discover new destinations when I travel to follow the club. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. With Cindy, my partner, we like to allow children in precarious situations to experience the excitement of a journey to encourage OGC Nice. This will be an opportunity for some to leave the city and get on a plane. We like to be able to make them dream. It’s Nice-Matin’s fault, too: We saw an article about a man who joined Menton from the Pyrenees as he ran to support children in a hospital.

But not only…

We also wanted to counter the disgusting image that can be conveyed about Nice supporters and football fans in general. Football can also act for a noble cause. If it inspires other actions, so much the better.

How can we follow and support you?

We will raise funds to fund a group of children’s trip with the support of the OGC Nice Endowment Fund. Everyone can follow us on our Instagram and Twitter accounts (iclo and cindynolli). Those who wish can challenge us, and if we succeed, we will have 25 kilometers of extra mileage that will comfort us. If people wanted to help us by finding a roof for us at night, carrying our bags or even walking with us for a while, we would get gifts to give to the community.

What does the course look like?

The first two stages are the most difficult. He goes to Castellane. We planned to run 42 km per day for 20 days, without a day off. When we planned the trip, we simply looked at Google Maps. Then I peeled in detail to avoid the highway traffic and best beautiful little tracks when we could.

This is not the first time for you iclo…

In 2006, after losing the Coupe de la Ligue final to Nancy, I had promised myself to get off Paris by bike with another fan. It took us a week. But this time, it’s the craziest adventure I’m starting.

Cat backed by OGC Nice


That’s how many miles iclo and Cindy will travel. They will noticeably pass through Digne-les-Bains, Sisteron, Grenoble and Auxerre before reaching Saint-Denis.

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