All known finalists, see you in June for the champagne bang

In the middle of the night, Cinderella’s pumpkin cart is back, but it’s also time to find out the finalists for the 2022 NBA Awards. There are still three players vying for every prize, and the thrill is about to end and we’ll sum it all up for you.

Most Valuable Player

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Unsurprisingly, the race for the MVP Cup is reserved for the trio that is attracting all the attention of fans and the media. Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo will have a horrific battle at the polls, and recent rumors give the Serbian the winner ahead of the Cameroonian and Greek but we won’t get wet before seeing the result of the vote. Take this opportunity to salute Devin Booker, Luka Doncic or even Steph Curry, you’ll have to wait another year in hopes of getting the statuette back.

Most improved player

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Many of them managed to apply for the prestigious MIP title but only three of them remained in the race for the ultimate victory. Exit Miles Bridges, Jordan Poole, Tyrese Maxey or even Desmond Bane, the winner is part of a 100% playmaker trio. If Ja Morant emerges as the top candidate, Darius Garland and Dejounte Murray remain in an ambush to be replaced by the bounty at the bell.

general beginner

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Another award that left no room for doubt. Evan Mobley, Scotty Barnes and Kid Cunningham were far above their draft buddies and are logical finalists for the Beginner’s Favorite. Impressive regularity, the interior of the Cavs seems to be favored by expectations. What makes him forget the sad scenario of the playing tournament.

Defensive Player of the Year

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Cock Doodle Doo! Rudy Gobert is well positioned to add a fourth DPOY to his personal collection. Enough to bring him to a very select club because only Dikembe Mutombo and Ben Wallace managed to reach the four defensive trophies. To achieve this remarkable feat, it would be necessary to eliminate the competition from Marcus Smart and Mikal Bridges. Defensive leaders in Boston and Phoenix, the two outside teams have been real poisons this season once again for the best opponents forwards. If we add to this the balance sheets and defensive ratings of the Sauns and Celtics, Gobzilla will not have an easy task.

Sixth man of the year

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We can tell you very well according to the established formula that nothing is settled … but that would be a lie. Despite the good things shown this year, Cameron Johnson and Kevin Love appear to be a bit far from competing with Tyler Hero who defeated all second units in the league. And we’d be really surprised not to see the human torch of heat rewarded.

general coach

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Several coaches will be in the spotlight this season but only three can stay in the final race. Unsurprisingly, Monty Williams, still voted Coach of the Year by his peers, destroyed the league with his suns. After being deprived of much of his strength this season due to injuries, Eric Spoelstra was able to lead Miami to No. 1 in the East. Finally, Taylor Jenkins moved Memphis from the team’s playing center to second in the NBA, all with Ja Morant losing a quarter of the season. Three different coaches, three worthy coaches but there can only be one.

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