3 reasons why he is the best player

Giannis Antikonmo: 3 reasons why he is the best player

3 reasons to nominate Giannis as the best player

Houston Rockets James Harden and Milwaukee Bucks from Giannis Antikonmo Meet tonight at the Toyota Center. A match that looks like an ‘MVP final’ with the two favorites opposing the Cup. So we kept several arguments in favor of each. We start with the most exciting Greek in Wisconsin.

Giannis Antetokounmo will be the best player because…

He’s the best player in the best team

After all, that’s the basic definition of an MVP, isn’t it? This is how the trophy has been awarded throughout the ages. Moreover, if today’s reference basketball gives Giannis Antetokounmpo more than a 50% chance of winning (versus James Harden’s 20%, no other player exceeds 6%), it’s primarily because the niche site takes into account previous running votes. Traditionally, the best player on the team with the best record in the NBA is elected. The Bucks are the only ones who can reach 60 wins this season. They have been at the top of the rankings for most of the year. They have the third best attack (113.5 points on 100 possessions) and best defense (104.4). With the best net rating, and by far: +9.1. The Warriors are second but with +5.5 and the Raptors are exactly on the podium with +5. It shows how much Milwaukee dominates the competition during regular play. “Greek whim” is the driving force behind this success. Because he is the team’s top scorer, striker and passer for the second year in a row. We often talk about Harden’s records, but Antetokounmpo’s season is also historic. 27 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists in each game has only been achieved once by: Oscar Robertson.

He is more important to his team

This argument is debatable. Because there is no exact answer. No one can really know what the Bucks would do without Giannis or the Rockets without Harden. We sometimes have glimpses of certain matches. But not for an entire season. So it is possible to rely on numbers to try to create an analysis that is more or less true to the reality on the ground. Even if the statistics only tell part of the story. What we can say is that Antetokounmpo has accumulated 13.4 “Win Shares” since the start of the season. and 13.3 for Harden. Almost identical. The difference between the points scored by the team and conceded when the player is on the field or on the bench is second evidence. Houston +4.6 with its star and +2.5 without it. On the other hand, Milwaukee is +12.9 with its champ and only +3.3 when he’s off the bench. So it obviously raises the bar for dollar play. One might wonder if the two numbers are equal. Some would argue that Harden had worse teammates – at least when Chris Paul and Clint Capella were injured – and thus had a weaker squad. But again, this is debatable. Overall, Houston doesn’t have much to envy about Milwaukee.

It is more complete

Giannis Antetokounmo could become the third player in history, after Michael Jordan and Hakim Aliwan, to win two Player of the Year awards in the same season. Because it is one of the favorites of both teams. He is the best defender in the best defensive team this season. He’s the second interceptor and second blocker of his formation. James Harden has made progress this side of the basket, but he’s clearly not in the same league as the athletic phenomenon from Milwaukee. Giannis is a more complete basketball player, or at least a more oriented “two-way player” than his opponent. It is also more efficient. Bearded Missiles are 44% on shots and 36% on threes. Which is really excellent considering the size of the shots. But Antetokounmpo points to 58%! For only 24% of course. The comparison is difficult because the two players do not have the same profile at all. But one obviously has much less waste than the other (also plays less).

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