King Juan Carlos receives his family in Abu Dhabi this Easter week

King Juan Carlos has received a visit from his two daughters and some of his grandchildren, in Abu Dhabi, his residence since his voluntary exile in August 2020. Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina, who visit their father regularly, this time traveled to the United Arab Emirates with some of their sons.

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Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina and their children visit Juan Carlos

A month ago, King Juan Carlos broke his silence to clarify the position on his future. He left to live in the UAE while worried about the various investigations in Spain and Switzerland, and he now intends to return to Spain on occasion. ” It seems appropriate to consider my return to Spain, but not immediately The former king wrote to his son, King Philip VI, in a letter published by the Royal House.

Since moving to Abu Dhabi, the 84-year-old honorary king has been able to count on his daughters to visit him regularly. Infanta Elena, 58, and Infanta Cristina, 56, one of whom lives in Madrid and the other in Geneva, often travel to see their father. Infanta Cristina, in the midst of divorce proceedings with the father of her four children, had remarkably come to seek advice from Juan Carlos, when her husband’s infidelity was revealed in the press.

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Holy Week of the Spanish Royal Family in Abu Dhabi

On the occasion of this Holy Week, Elena and Christina did not come alone. King Philip’s two sisters arrived in the United Arab Emirates with the former king’s six grandchildren. Juan, 22, Pablo, 21, Miguel, 19, and Irene Urdangarin, 16, visited their four grandfathers. On the Infanta Elena’s side, only Victoria de Marechalar, 21, was present. His brother, Philippe de Marechalar, did not appear in the photos released by Europa Press after the meeting.

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“I have found peace of mind, especially at this time in my life. Although, of course, I will often return to Spain, which I always carry in my heart, to visit my family and friends. King Juan Carlos said in his letter to his son. ” In this way, I would like to end this phase of my life calmly and with the perspective that the time has passed. “.

The Spanish press reported this week that it has been 10 years since the elephant poaching issue in Botswana. Holy Week is always a highly commented week in the Spanish press because the royal family has a habit of spending their holidays in Mallorca, alternating between private picnics and a few less formal official outings. Since Juan Carlos left for the Middle East, the clan formed by his daughters has been visiting their father, while the Philip family remains faithful to Queen Sofia, who continues her activities in Spain, on the continent during the year. And in Mallorca, during the year. vacation weeks.

A month ago, King Emeritus Juan Carlos sent a letter to King Felipe VI telling him that he would live permanently in Abu Dhabi but also wanted to travel frequently to Spain (Photo: Robin Utrecht/ABACAPRESS. COM)

Although the Infanta Elena and the Infanta Cristina have relinquished all official duties since their brother’s reign, they are still included in the order of succession to the Spanish throne. Infanta Elena is third in the line of succession, followed by her son Philip, fourth, and daughter Victoria, fifth. Next come Infanta Cristina, sixth, and her four children: Juan, Pablo, Miguel and Irene, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth in order of succession.

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