“It’s the reality of this team out there, quite simply.”

From one side to the other. On Tuesday evening, Bourg-en-Bresse was at a demonstration in Gravelines, walking the BCM at Sportica (92-55). Four days later, the roles were reversed: to an unprecedented boo from their fans, JL returned to the locker room reeling from Cholet’s hits (31-57 in the first half). “At the time, we were only talking about pride, about giving a minimum of honor to the club and the jersey,” whispered Laurent Legnam, unable to find objective reasons for his team’s defeat.

“I don’t know how to explain it. When you see what we were able to do three days ago and what we produce this evening… I asked for the same focus, the same approach we can take outside, where I think we are more focused and together. There is no logical explanation for the start of the game It’s not even at the basketball level, it’s at the level of commitment, toughness and intensity.Scholett had those values, not us. […] What we produced in the first half was awful, disrespectful towards the people in the room, the partners and the entire club. I don’t fall out of the clouds in terms of volatility but I didn’t think it would take that much. I thought that there would be minimal commitment, aggressiveness and desire to do things together, all these rules laid out for a month. Obviously, we forgot all about the first quarter. I don’t get angry, it’s useless. It’s the reality of this team out there, quite simply. After 28 league games and 18 European Cups, we know the qualities and flaws of this team. We’ve had these ups and downs quite often since the start of the season. »

“Without these values, we cannot win, we cannot even exist”

Always quick to derail after glimpsing the very good stuff (two straight defeats with +34 in Dijon in January, the same this week with the Gravelines – Cholet series), JL Bourg has never been right in place of pace, at least at a steady pace this season. The fault of a poorly dressed team from the start, saddled with would-be captains (CJ Harris, Jacuri Williams) who continued to frustrate. In that regard, what would have happened to the former Barnier had it not been for a streak of three winning shots between January and February? The short-lived savior of JL, has since reclaimed a performance not worthy of his place as the top-earning in the workforce (1 point at 0/4 against Metropolitans 92 last weekend, 3 minutes against Cholet), with an excuse certainly likely to be nights Short due to the recent birth of her first child. Other seasons without expectations (Axel Julien and Pierre Bellos in particular) will also be highlighted. Also blame it on Eric Mica’s injury, above all on choosing not to make a pivot to replace him, while a reference like Alen Omic, for example, has done his best to come back every fall. Cedevita Olimpija. Wrong, finally, with the marriage between JL Bourg and Laurent Legname so hopelessly so that ex-JDA Dijon coach now sparks some skin reactions in Ékinox periods, with a handful of whistles last week during a fury against Norris Cole or a standing ovation for Hugo’s entry. Benitez on Saturday, who kicked off in the 15th minute after two games taken off the bench. In fact, Varroa now almost bears a speech of murderous accents, almost giving up, as if he had lost all hope of being able to change things. As if he had no more levers to activate to reverse direction.

“I’ve tried everything. I almost denied myself. At least, I’ve changed a lot of things with my crew. You’re not in intimate relationship with the group on a daily basis so you can’t tell everything that’s going on but I think I’ve tried everything possible individually and collectively.” With this team. We have simplified offensively and even defensively. I will not deny the values ​​I believe in: commitment, aggressiveness, intensity, defense, fighting. This is the first thing in team sport. If there is no that, we cannot win, we cannot even exist. , whether in Betclic ELITE or in the department. All this, unfortunately, we do not have. Or in moderation. Everything else, we tried with my crew. But there are seasons like this … “

After four seasons of continuous progress for JL since returning to the elite in 2017, there is a risk that this could end at ground zero on the level of its three starting goals: early elimination in the Coupe de France, out of the way from the first round of the EuroCup and the possibility of qualifying becoming more And more fading. “I am not crazy, I know very well that it will be almost impossible to win the playoffs,” admits Laurent Legnam. “I want to at least try to finish the game well, and give everything to the club. In this regard, it is also worth noting that the leaders, President Julien Despot at the front, are much less visible and heard than they were in certain years when everything was going on Alright.Five days after the finish, JL Bourg is still able to relate to the math and the certainty that nothing is finally lost in the race for the top eight, two championships and a decent basket average behind at Le Mans.“There is still hope, all of us. We know what we are capable of,” notes Maxim Ross. But specifically, in a season composed of ups and downs like each other, this portends above all a strong reaction against Rouen, a successful performance against the choir in three days. The playoffs and the season was finally saved, much less.

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