Bourges Basket continues Charnay’s indomitable streak, even if it’s very dwindling

One week before the Coupe de France final, just over a week after the Eurocoupe final, Bourges Basket had to deal with several absences and leave the players to rest to recover from their physical glitches. Already guaranteed to take first place in the regular season, Tango played this match at Charnay – in the last women’s league – without: Elin Eldebrink, Alix Duchet, Keisha Hampton, Elodie Godin and Isabelle Yacoubou. Five major teams that would make almost every other team in the Women’s League shiver with envy, especially if we add Endy Miyem, long-term absentee. However, facing the clumsy Burgundians at the start of the match, it was Tango that made the best start (2-7, 4).

But little by little, thanks to the momentum of Zoe and Doe (14 points in the first half, 4 of 7 in long-range shooting) and Maya Hirsch (11 points in the first half and the daughter of Olivier, former Borg Basket coach), Charnay began to bring his strains back. What Bourges had trouble doing, like Laëtitia Guapo, is still generous in effort, but he lacks skill (2 of 12 on shots and 3 of 8 on throws). Logically, the Burgundians (27-16, 12) dominated, while youngsters Stella Mavuanga, Jess Maine Zudia and Emmanuel Beninamou Simo (Borg had only six players) played time from the start. Under the defense of Eliana Robert (14 points in the first half; 28 in the end), Borg managed to get back into the game (42-40, 22).

After 0-7 which allowed them to come back by two points, Bourget was weaker and the gap increased again (54-45, 28). But again, Berruyères managed to react in the last moments of the quarter to be only three points behind at the bell (56-53) and then be the first to score and return to one point, before equalizing shortly after (57). -57). If they had a hard time passing, they kept in touch and ended up with a long shot from Eliana Robert (61-64, 37). And in the last quarter ended with five pros with Sarah Michelle remaining on the bench, Bourget conceded 5-1 and Charney saw a 1’19 tie from the bell (70-70). Without fear, Tango managed to finish the match perfectly and win 70-76.

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Statistics: 17

By winning Saturday night at the Charnay Floor, Bourges Basket signed to his 17th success in a row. Without a doubt one of the hardest to find. In turn, the Burgundians lost their fifteenth match in a row.

Player: Pauline Astaire

If Eliana Robert (28 points, 8 rebounds, 31 RIR) was so lively when she allowed Borg to make up for part of her delay at halftime and then compose two award-winning shots that made it possible to take match controls in the middle of the fourth quarter she would have been a no-no. Doubt, Pauline Astaire has a new character who “knows how to get on the train when it passes” using Olivier Lafarge’s expression. Promoted to fifth in the absence of Ellen Eldebrink and Alex Duchette, she knew how to keep her rank and lead the Berruyer game. his stats? 15 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists. She was also the one who picked up the ball that allowed Bourget to pass definitively in front one minute left in the match.


If the tango waned, their supporters came in number.

Ludovic Origen
In Charnay-les-Macon

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