Unplayable in Pur, Cholet continues his frantic race to the playoffs

“It’s like a dream,” came to put director Thierry Chevrier in the ear of President Jerome Merignac at the end of the first half. It’s really hard to find a better word to describe Cholet’s first period, which ended with an amazing 26-point lead (57-31). “He was our best half of the season,” Boris Dallow stated. “We played really well,” added Laurent Villa. “Our defense was very consistent, we won on the rebounds, our attacking game was exceptional. It was the first time we played like this. Like in a dream, a reality.

“What we produced in the first half was disrespectful.”

While this duel was about a game of rocking with the goal of qualifying for the playoffs, Schole only came to play basketball. The first period was almost awkward as the Bressan got on its feet and thus suffered what they caused on Tuesday at Gravelines (92-55). On the ropes at the end of the first quarter (17-35), Choletaise’s title broke through (6/9 on three points) and took full control of the inside (11 rebounds on 3), JL remained indifferent, aware of -30 (29-57, 20 minutes), before departing under a few whistles from his supporters, a rarity in Ékinox with an audience often considered too lenient. “What we produced in the first half was horrible, disrespectful towards the people in the room, the partners and the entire club,” Laurent Legname agreed. “I thought there would be a minimum level of commitment, aggressiveness and desire to do things together, all these rules laid out for a month. Obviously, we forgot everything in the first quarter.”

Effective and stunning: Macondo embodies the perfect evening for Cholet Basket
(Photo: Jack Cormarch)

Only then remained the solution to pride to try not to end up with ridicule. “In the locker room, we no longer talk about basketball, only about pride,” Maxime Ross said. It passed the press area and an interesting sequence of Alexandre Chasang to revive the torch a little (54-69, minute 27), was quickly put down by excellent Dominic Artes (23 points at 6/13, 6 rebounds and 3 assists). She was also very angry with Jacquery Williams, and he was out for more than a minute after the third quarter (56-81). He belittled his coach, “He’s perfect, he says what he thinks.” “It wasn’t against the players nor against the machine, he exploded with frustration and couldn’t control his emotions. Pride, finally, passed the talent of Norris Cole, at the height of his fame (30 points on 8/12 and 6 assists) in order to smooth out the note (86- 94, min 40 then 86-100, final. Result). Too little, too late…

“Momentum” with Cholet in the playoffs

Admittedly in extreme proportions, from +37 in Sportica to -26 in the first half at home, these four days perfectly sum up JL Bourg’s volatility all season. Without viable supporting elements… “Can’t explain it, I don’t have an answer,” murmured Maxim Ross. “We were really better, on a good streak, and there’s no logical explanation,” Laurent Legnami insisted, semi-fatal. “I’m not surprised but I didn’t expect this scale. I don’t get angry, that’s the reality of this team.”

From one end to the other, an incomprehensible week for JL Bourg
(Photo: Jack Cormarch)

The Cholet Basket story is very different… In fact, the Mauges team is about to sign one of the most beautiful stories of the season. Somewhat similar to what Evreux does in Pro B, CB has swapped the relegation status for the team’s uniform in shape at the moment, with 12 wins in 16 games. “We must take advantage of what we are witnessing at the moment,” said Boris Dallow. “Going from the red zone to the qualifiers, it may only happen once in his career. Now in 10th place, practically out, GL Borg, teammates Yuan Macondo (17 points on 5/8, 6 rebounds and 2 steals for 23 ratings in 20 minutes) They are knocking more and more insistently on the door of the Top 8. “We have the momentum with us,” Boris Dalo fired. “We all trust each other, we have fun and it shows on the pitch. Looking back at the party given in the first period, now arises a question that would have seemed quite paradoxical this winter: Who is going to stop Cholet Basket? Le Portel will surely struggle on Tuesday, but Laurent Vila’s group will then end up crossing swords with the first four Betclic ÉLITE: Pau-Lacq-Orthez, Boulogne-Levallois, ASVEL, Monaco. What Measures His True Potential. “You have to stay mentally stable,” he was already trying to calm Boris Dalo. But until then, with a Top 8 on the horizon instead of Pro B sanitizer pains, everything really goes like a Cholet basket dream…

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