Rouen officially relegated to National 1, an industrial accident in Normandy

At the end of December, spirits were not so good in Normandy. Evro and Roan lived together in the drop zone and they feared for their future. Over three months later, ALM climbed to fifth, maintained eight straight wins, and even won the Leaders Cup. A rebound contrasts with the state of the yuan, which has never managed to take off.

Ironically, credited with his best performance of the season on Friday night (110-74 against Nantes), the Seinomarin had confirmed what they had known for several weeks: relegation to National 1. Polazac’s victory over Souffelweyersheim (89-72) sealed Fate of Rouen: Five days left, the Chinese yuan can now only hope for a three-way tie with NBH and BBD, in the absence of a basket average in the Périgourdins and will therefore be condemned to 17th place.

Veyronnet question mark

It was a real industrial accident for a club that was still a Pro B finalist in 2019. Sixth budget in the tournament, payroll tenth (however), Rouen was aiming for nothing more than a return to the playoffs this season. But it all went wrong from the start, with a poorly formed team, with Ben Emilogo’s fault as a starting point. Arrived very late (early October) after management problems, he fell injured at Kindarena and was the first to leave. Other physical flaws (Drut, Adamovich, Injay, Fillmore) also dressed up the film for the first part of the CNY season, which constantly delayed the birth of a real team, despite the sum of individual talents. This group also showed true mental bankruptcy: the Normans lost eight matches they largely controlled (between 12 and 19 points in the third quarter).

Arriving at the end of January at the RMB, Ousmane Kamara was unable to reverse the course of the Roanne season
(Photo: Laurent Page)

Two troubling questions remain: To what extent did Michel Veronnet’s departure affect Rouen’s fate and did the leaders not wait long before changing coaches? The club’s historic builder, ASVEL’s sporting director noted with a sad eye that the RMB was barely ratifying his departure. “We are always unhappy when we have been working for more than 20 years for a club to put itself in an honorable fashion in the Pro A and Pro B tournaments to see that things are not going in the right direction this year,” he told us in December. As for the arrival of a new coach, the decision makers have delayed him for a long time due to Alexandre Maynard’s service record (Pro B finalist with Rouen) and the state of mind of his players who never gave up. . But when he was in great danger before the break, the unexpected victory over Nancy (85-84) gave him a reprieve. He’s finally relegated a month later and Ludovic Poulart couldn’t do better: Of Rouen’s six small successes this season, the two coaches share three each.

“It’s a terrible season,” athletic director Frank Minnian recently admitted to Tendance Ouest’s mic. “A lot of clubs know this kind of bad performance. I’ve rarely had such a long season. We were aiming for play-offs and after that, we were in the relegation. The fans don’t understand, and neither do we, because we have good players with real basketball value, But mayonnaise did not accommodate this team. […] In the history of the yuan, we can consider this decline as an unfortunate accident; It must remain an accident. This is mandatory. We owe it to everyone, to those who work in the clubs, to our fans, our sponsors, to the communities, etc. It will be a real challenge. We’ll start over with a level 3 victory dynamicAnd section. We must be careful and not blame the blow for too long. Few clubs have gone from Pro B to N1 in a single season. There is a real construction site. You have to start from scratch, hoping to keep some items. »

The switch is too far…

French National 1 champion in 2003, Rouen has been a LNB resident ever since. He even had the opportunity to make three hooks by Pro A (2005/06, 2008/10, 2014/16): two thanks to the mathematical input and one thanks to the famous wild card (also attributed to Châlons -Reims that is also likely to go down). season). Among the most beautiful sports arenas in France, Kindarena was supposed to allow Spor, which became the yuan, to turn to a high level in its sports project and take a new path. Instead, the club boasts the lowest fill rate in Pro B and will return to the third division after 19 years. Hoping not to slow down there, though Le Havre’s example proves that recovering from it can be complicated. Michel Veronet warned in the middle of the season…

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