Playstation 5: 7 games to play in virtual reality

game news Playstation 5: 7 games to play in virtual reality

PlayStation®VR2 became official recently. Thus, virtual reality will soon be available to players who have a PlayStation 5. While waiting for PSVR2 exclusive titles, discover the 7 essential PS4 games in VR available on PS5.


  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
  • Saber won
  • Moose / Moose: Book Two
  • Seventh Resident Evil
  • Super Hot VR
  • tetris effect

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

at Ace Combat 7: Skies UnknownDeveloped by Bandai Namco Entertainment, you embody a real pilot and control the most legendary combat aircraft at the heart of missions with diverse objectives. The game prides itself on being very realistic with its flying sensations and has great scenes. The multiplayer mode is simpler and allows you to fight other players and coordinate battle plans with your friends. Since this is the seventh opus, new players may take some time to understand the geopolitical context, but without serious consequences for the gaming experience.

Saber won

Move your joysticks to the beat of electronic music Saber won. This game, which includes 17 tracks, including 5 tracks exclusive to PSVR, requires synchronization, reflexes and endurance in order to destroy cubes on the screen, necessarily in rhythm. There are many challenges to complete to unlock new ones. The game is suitable for all levels whether you are an expert or a beginner. If the campaign mode can be dispensed with, then the “free” trial is enough by itself. The playlist looks very small, but many songs are being added little by little to make the gaming experience more awesome and generous than ever.

Moose / Moose: Book Two

moss It is one of the biggest successes in virtual reality. In fact, the Seattle-based Polyarc Group has won more than 80 awards and nominations. In these two games, we follow the journey of a little mouse named Quill. The environments consist of tables that you have to cross by solving puzzles. Quill is able to move on his own. She can jump and attack with her sword, but she cannot get past all the obstacles. Then it is up to the player to interact with the decor to allow him to progress. Both games follow each other and have quite similar gameplay. But, Moss: Book One It brings its share of novelties such as the hammer that is activated by the remote trigger. The games are short, but the VR experience beats them.

Seventh Resident Evil

Seventh Resident Evil It is one of the first AAA’s to take a real interest in virtual reality in order to make the ludo horror experience more immersive than ever. The game is developed by Capcom. In Louisiana, Ethan searches for his missing wife of three years, but finds herself trapped inside a strange and terrifying family. For license fans, this first person Resident Evil says very little to the rest of the saga. That might make it irreplaceable, but RE7 turns out, for all things gameplay, to be a true return to basics. Finally, the lifespan of this type of game is perfect.

Super Hot VR

Super Hot VR It is an FPS game that combines strategy and chaos. The aesthetic is simple, but it is the gameplay that makes this game a must because of its unique vision of the concept of spacetime. The goal here is very simple: eliminate all enemies of different levels and survive. The VR version forces you to stay within a very small circumference, but the weapons are numerous: pistol, machine guns, shotguns, bottles, shuriken … Fortunately, to help you, your character moves in slow motion. The game is quite short with its 20 levels, but you will quickly fall to your knees due to doing all the dribbling.

tetris effect

The VR version of the popular game Tetris has a new sound and light design where each level is a new sensory experience. The game is designed to isolate us from the real world, game time, according to its creator. Tetris Effect offers multiple universes, more than 30 levels and more than 10 game modes. The difficulty is adjustable and the challenges are numerous. Electronic music is varied and the game offers many events to earn the largest number of points. The latest update introduced a cross-platform multiplayer mode for you to play with friends.

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