Russia announces the destruction of a missile workshop in Kyiv and wants to intensify its bombing of sites in the capital

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10:34 AM : With a delay of (1 hour) here is an update on the news this morning:

“the point [d’indice] Officials will act.Emmanuel Macron announced this morning on franceinfo. “It will be the fruit of the consultations and the work that the government will do.” In the event of re-election. As the president and candidate for re-election have said he wants to “to move” Regarding the abolition of the association of allowance for disabled adults. At France Bleu Vaucluse, Marine Le Pen said she wants to strengthen “local” To deal with environmental emergencies. She also wants “Reintegration of 15,000 caregivers” Those who have been discharged from the hospital (because of the necessity of vaccination and health card). Carry on with our lives.

Russia has announced that it has destroyed an arms factory on the outskirts of Kyiv and confirms that strikes on the Ukrainian capital will intensify in response to the attacks launched by Ukraine on Russian soil. Moscow also claims to have killed about thirty Polish mercenaries The strike was carried out in northeastern Ukraine, in the context of escalating tensions between Moscow and Warsaw. Carry on with our lives.

Smic will automatically increase on May 1 by 2.65%The Ministry of Labor announced a monthly increase of about €34 net, due to higher inflation recorded since November.

• from Clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and the Israeli police On the square of the mosques in Jerusalem I made More than a hundred wounded Amid fears of a fire in the occupied Palestinian territories.

09:52 : “As a result of the strike, a detachment of mercenaries from a Polish private military company (…) was liquidated in the village of Izyumsky, Kharkiv region. Up to 30 Polish mercenaries were eliminated”, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. Carry on with our lives.

09:51 : Russia claims to have killed about 30 Polish mercenaries On strike in northeastern Ukraine.

09:48 : “The number and scale of missile strikes on Kyiv positions will increase in response to all terrorist attacks and sabotage operations carried out by the nationalist regime in Kyiv on Russian soil,” The Russian Ministry of Defense announces the destruction of a workshop for the production of surface-to-air missiles at the Visar plant.

09:45 : Russia announces its bombing of a weapons factory near Kyiv and will intensify its strikes on the capital in response to the attacks on Russian soil.

07:27 : Despite the hype, some French companies, businessmen and politicians continue to do business in Russia. Our journalist Anne-Laure Barral investigated French interests in Vladimir Putin’s country.

(Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP)

08:24 : By the time you read these lines, Larissa, Anastasia, and Sophie will be on a bus somewhere between France and Ukraine. Indeed, after a month spent in a full-fledged shelter in Toulouse, the mother of the family and her two daughters decided to return to their home in Kyiv. It does not matter if the war is not over, the lack of country is very strong. I was there when they were packing their bags. a report.

Sophie, Anastasia and their mother Larissa prepare their bags in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), on April 8, 2022, to return to Ukraine.  (Rafael Gaudette / France Info)(Rafael Gaudette / France Info)

06:44 : Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron They competed in fantasy to seduce the French and try to rebuild democracy. Between the proportional, the referendum, the return to the seven-year term, and the citizens’ agreement, note le Figaro. The newspaper also presents a series of portraits of Ukrainians after 50 days of war.

06:24 : Russia has many tactical nuclear weapons, less powerful than the Hiroshima bomb, according to its doctrine of “escalation-de-escalation” which will first be to use a low-energy nuclear weapon to seize the advantage in the event. conflict with the Westerners. But this assumption means that “NATO is intervening militarily on the ground in Ukraine during this conflict, and this is nothing, as the president made clear, this is a scheme”confirmed the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

06:20 : The Kremlin has mentioned putting its nuclear forces on alert “But we haven’t actually seen any concrete signs such as deployments or military actions that could heighten our concerns.”added the head of the main US intelligence agency, who spoke to students at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta.

06:19 : “Since President Putin and the Russian leadership are likely to descend into despondency … none of us can take lightly the threat posed by the potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or weak-power nuclear weapons.”

William Burns, the head of the CIA, believes that military setbacks in Ukraine could prompt Vladimir Putin to turn to a tactical or low-energy nuclear weapon there.

(Brendan Smyalofsky/AFP)

09:16 Let’s do our first news update:

• Emmanuel Macron will be a guest on “Presidential Mornings” on franceinfo at 8:30 am. The Republic’s traveling candidate will answer questions from Salhia Brakhleh and Marc Foville, as well as witnesses chosen by online media Konbini and franceinfo listeners. Marine Le Pen is the morning guest of France Bleu Vaucluse at 7:45 AM and then the morning guest of France Bleu Vaucluse at 8:10 AM. Carry on with our lives.

• from Clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and the Israeli police Eyewitnesses and rescue workers reported that these events took place this morning in the mosque square in Jerusalem. “Seven wounded people were taken to hospital for injuries to the upper part of the body.”a Palestinian Red Crescent official said when asked about these clashes in the third holiest place in Islam, also called the Temple Mount in the Jewish tradition.

The Moscow, A Russian warship sank in the Black Sea last night after it was hit by a Ukrainian missile, according to Kyiv, due to an accidental fire, according to Moscow, a major setback that raises fears of an escalation of the conflict as Russia accuses Ukraine of bombing villages on its territory. Soil. Pentagon called ‘hard blow’ Shipwreck in the Black Sea.

Relief operations backed by helicopters continued to remove bodies from under the rubble of the unprecedented floods that hit South Africa for four days, and a new toll rose in the evening to 341 dead and 41,000 people affected.

A preliminary investigation was opened yesterday for Rape and sexual assault After a survey conducted internally in the school College of Applied Arts The Public Prosecution Office said one in four female students had been a victim of sexual assault there since the beginning of her education. In all, 11 students said they had been raped or attempted rape.

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