In the United States, a court decision on the rape of two teenage girls caused a scandal

The United States is shocked by a court decision allowing the release of a young man accused of rape.

Emotions are strong in the United States, after the release of a young man accused of rape. Last Friday, Bowen Turner pleaded guilty to assault and battery, while he was initially charged with sexual assault. But his charges were mitigated thanks to an agreement with the courts, allowing him to be sentenced to just five years of probation. During these five years, he will have to respect the law but will not have to be registered in the sex offender database. After the verdict was announced last week, Chloe Pace, one of the two victims, said she was “extremely disappointed,” Fox News reported. “I have a feeling that whatever is being said, people are deafening. It is a feeling of defeat, but I refuse to lose,” she explained.

This case is even more shocking because when Chloe Pace was assaulted in 2019, Bowen Turner was charged in a similar case that happened a year earlier. He was released on bail. In October 2018, when he was 16 years old, he allegedly sexually assaulted Dallas Hayes Stoller. The girl was allegedly raped at a party. Her friends discover she lost consciousness on the floor as Bowen Turner was on top of her and pulled her pants again. She had scrapes and bruises all over her body. Both were students at Orangeburg Prep at the time. The girl had filed a complaint and the case had spread to the point that at that time she was the victim of harassment from her classmates and even teachers. She then changed school and then attended the University of Charleston, but students who learned of the case continued to insult her. Facing the pressure, she would begin to drown, develop ulcers and had to be hospitalized multiple times, until her death in November 2021, due to “self-inflicted injuries,” according to Crimeonline. After his death, the charges against Bowen Turner were dropped.

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Chloe Pace also says that she was raped at a party. “I was trying to have a normal night out, I was in high school,” she said on the last episode of “Crime Stories.” “Long story short, I went out at some point to make a phone call and he followed me and ended up dragging me behind a truck on the forest road, into the woods, and the last thing I know, is that I’m the land, that I’m too small and that he’s not.” She said again, quoting WRDW this time: “I was freaked out, I remember looking up at the sky and praying for it to end, so I could escape.” The young girl explains that she also alerted the police the next day, but “unfortunately, I was aware of the Dallas case and I saw how people reacted, and that really scared me.” A third victim, Bowen Turner, has also been charged, but for unspecified reasons, no charges have been brought in the case.

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The families of Chloe and Dallas claim that no one came to tell them that an agreement would be reached with the accused last week. “It’s like going to rob a store with a gun, but you only get sued for stealing candy,” Chloe Pace laments. Moreover, while Bowen Turner should have awaited trial at home under house arrest, his electronic bracelet showed that he visited dozens of different venues, including 19 outings to golf courses, as well as restaurants, sporting goods stores and even a car dealer, Justice said. Chloe Pace, her family, and the family of Dallas Stoller accuse the authorities of doing nothing when they learn that the young man did not respect the rules. He should have been arrested.

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On January 4, Bowen Turner would have visited the grave of Dallas Stoller. There is now a sign that says, “Bowen Turner, you are not welcome here.” Last week’s court hearing was supposed to be on the house arrest breach but it turned into a judicial settlement in the rape case. Bowen Turner’s attorney is South Carolina Senator Brad Hutto. During a 2019 hearing, he insulted powerful attorney Chloe Pace, stating that the report was consensual. In response to a statement from the young girl that she felt “ashamed”: “Guess what, you had sex on the floor with a boy you barely know and then you feel ashamed, you feel remorse, but this is not rape.” “You didn’t resist, you didn’t scratch him, you didn’t push him or yell at him. You didn’t say no, you didn’t tell him to stop.” “The system of injustice…corruption and nepotism make it impossible to protect the citizens of South Carolina,” Reverend Dr. Darren Pace, Chloe’s father, said last week.

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